I looked upon the world

Saw the dark

Forgot the light we knew

But is no more

And in that murky place

I heard a sound

It shivered through my soul

And bowed me to the ground

I searched in the murk

Seeking for its maker

And I found her there

Bent over in her fear

I called her from behind

And then she turned

And this is what I learnt today

Oh God it hurts

There is no sight more painful than a mother's tears

And though you shake your head

And say there's so much more

You cannot kill the lesson

That I have taught you now

Of how you looked at her and learnt

A mother's tears

I searched through red mist

Heard the wailing

And saw the streams of blood

Washed away by tears

For with this pain we have released

We can forgive

Sorrow is a cleansing

Of the soul

The murk began to clear

And I saw the mother

Bending down

Not in grief

But in prayer

And aside from pain

I learnt today

The gifts He gave to us-

There was forgiveness and love

In the mother's tears