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I ran across the battlefield, breathing hard. Explosions were going off everywhere, nowhere was safe. My comrades are out there somewhere, probably getting blown to bits by the enemy's heavy artillery units, in other words the Black Knights. Their aims were so precise and so lethal that it's pointless to stand in the open unless you want to be killed. It's approximately 14.56 November the 21st 2556. Most people believed we'd never make it through this far but we have, thanks to our General, Alex Mahatma. He's an absolute legend, his aims are perfect, his movements are quick and agile but unfortunately he doesn't wish to be tied down to someone. I feel the same way. Who needs a partner when you have to fight wars everyday of the week!? Oh by the way, I'm on the good guy's team, the Red Stripes! We're fighting our arch enemy's known as only the Black Knights, why do we call them that? Well they wear black suits and look absolutely intimidating and are very good shots when it comes to sniping. Let me introduce myself, I'm Cassandra Rolands, a private in Alex's - I mean General Mahatma's National Defence Squad in short NDS. We're basically in charge of the states security and fight back group. I'm not that high up in status so I get picked on by the guys in the squad. Yes I'm the only girl in the whole army of over thirty-thousand soldiers!

I'm not to sure why we're here today though because I was stationed in Rican, a small town just off the coast. But now we've been taken here to Alia, very close to our secret Headquarters and I don't even know what goes on there! That's for the high ranking officers, duh! And now that brings me back to the current battle at hand, I'm yet to find out why we're here but I will soon…

"Rolands!" someone shouted over the roar of gunfire.

I looked around the bunker I was in and saw Matthew, a right prick that always got on my nerves. He was tall, lanky and looked like a computer nerd but that wasn't the case. Maybe if he's lucky I'll give him a basket of clearasil for Christmas!

"Yes?" Arrogant pig…

"General Mahatma wants to see you immediately."

I nodded and followed him through the bunker until we were at the command tent and walked inside. It was fairly small with a few chairs and a table with notes and maps scattered on it and the ground.

"Ahh, Rolands, there you are." a man with bronze coloured hair and green eyes looked up from the table. I saluted him and he saluted back, smiling. Matthew saluted like a complete idiot and walked out. I couldn't help but stare at the General as he approached me, I know I said I couldn't be bothered with partners but Alex is one very single and handsome guy!

"You're well aware that we're losing aren't you?" he said matter-of-fact.

"Yes, sir."

"And you know that if they get past us there will be no one left to protect the base?"

"Yes, sir…sir?"

Alex raised an eyebrow and I continued, "Well I was wondering, why we are stationed here?"

The General eyed me curiously, "Can you keep a secret, Rolands?"

"Yes sir!" I saluted him. I used to get bored of it but it's rather amusing.

"The thing is that we are hiding a weapon in headquarters." he bent down closer and whispered in my ear, "A MS234."

I started, an MS234? They were supposed to have been destroyed! It was a type of substance that could destroy absolutely anything and stored into a nuke would make it indestructible and I realised that that was what this was all about.

"You're going to bomb them!" I started and the General nodded once, "But that's totally barbaric!" I am only seventeen and I hate to kill people…well I haven't exactly killed someone just accidentally knocked them with a baseball bat.

"We will do what we must, Cassandra." Alex snapped and I cringed, his eyes softened, "the sooner we launch it, the sooner this war can end. Dismissed!"

I saluted, wanting nothing more than to punch him; I turned to the entrance, my hands clenched into fists at my side.

"And Rolands?"

I turned back to him, "Yes, sir?"

"What is said here stays here; if word gets out about this you will be executed."

I flinched but I nodded and walked out completely forgetting to salute. I went back to my post on the north side of the battle and picked up my rifle that I'd left there.

"He thinks he's so big because he's the General! Ha! I could do that any day!" I muttered to myself.

I peeked over the top of the bunker. Bodies were lying everywhere. Further up I could make out some of my comrades fighting a group of Black Knights but they were losing. I raised my rifle and focused on the enemies. I am no good at shooting. I'd sooner kill myself than somebody else the way I handle machines. I locked on to one of the enemy's legs and shot. The sound hurt like all hell and I looked up to see of I hit my target. Surprisingly I had and the guy was hopping around, screaming bloody murder. The sight was quite funny so I started laughing and as usual I drew attention to myself. I crouched down, just as bullets came flying over my head.

"Whoops. I really shouldn't have done that."

I heard screaming and peeked over the bunker again and gasped in horror. My comrades were being over taken. More Black Knights then I could count were moving in towards the bunker. I shouted the alarm but I was the only one stationed here. Why? Because they thought the enemy would go straight through the middle but no they had to take the wings!

"Oh shit!" I jumped back and sprinted down the trench in the direction of the command tent. A small brown/green object suddenly dropped down in front of me and I turned around and jumped down to the ground. The explosion sent pieces of dirt and wood everywhere but I was unharmed. I got up and looked back, there was a huge pile of wreckage that I'd never be able to climb or crawl through. I was trapped.

Almost immediately I heard sounds behind me, the rattling of guns and booted feet. I felt something that I hadn't felt in over five years, fear.

I was too young to die yet. Stuff that, I didn't want to die! I got my rifle ready, struggling with its weight. My army pants were absolutely filthy and my black tank-top was no better. I can imagine what my father would say, "'You're always getting into trouble, Cassy'".

If only dad was here. He was a Major at Headquarters but he never comes home.

I inhaled sharply as a Black Knight with green shoulder pads come around the corner with a 617 in his hands. I froze, that gun would kill you in less than three seconds. What does green mean? Aha! He's a low ranking black. I can take this guy! I crouched down just as he aimed for me. I shot at both his legs and he fell swearing. I used the time to try scramble to the top of the bunkers wall and I was almost up when I felt a sharp tug on my ankle. I yelped and fell to the ground. It was the Knight; his gun was aimed at me again.

"Let's see how you like it!" he hissed. I heard a gun shot and then I felt a searing pain in my right shin. I looked down and saw a bullet hole through my pants which was now leaking blood. I cried out as he gripped my leg and pulled me towards him. My rifle was lying right by my head. If only I could reach it.

I gasped as he punched me in the stomach and then his gloved hands were around my neck.

I heard someone say something, it wasn't English. The guy let go of me and stood up. I grabbed my gun in a fast movement and turned to face my enemy. I was shocked. There were at least ten Black Knights standing around the green shouldered one, their guns raised to my heart.

I closed my eyes as I heard the familiar sound of someone loading a gun.

"Hold your fire. This is a woman!"

I opened my eyes again to see a Black Knight with purple shoulder pads holding his hand up.

"What'd you think I was a canary?" I asked sarcastically.

I couldn't see their faces but I was certain they were shocked but they recovered quickly.

The first one shouted something at me and I raised an eyebrow, "What was that?"

The purple shouldered one spoke again and this time I could understand him. "Put your gun down and hands behind your head."

I didn't like this, I couldn't be taken prisoner! I threw the gun at them and tried to scramble up the bunker and I succeeded. I looked down at them, "Losers!"

They shot up at me and I rolled away to avoid being hit but I came in contact with something. I was looking at black boots; I worked my way up, past the black leather pants, past the black trench coat and black jumper up to the most gorgeous face I had ever seen. Burgundy eyes, long wavy pitch black hair that ended just at his shoulders, his face was perfect, no flaw detected and I just stared up at him.

Wow, I never knew a guy could look so good! Oh great now he's looking at me. I yelped as I was forced onto my back and he was on top of me with a gun at my throat.

"And you are?" he asked quietly. His red eyes were blazing. I felt like they could see right through me. This guy was scary but hot, damn hot!

I said nothing; my shin was hurting like all hell and tears leaked out of the corners of my eyes.

"You're a girl?" he noted. The bastard only just noticed my chest! Good God, what the hell is it with men?! I was breathing hard; he was basically cutting off my air supply.

"Would you mind?" I asked breathlessly and inhaled deeply as he climbed off me but still had his gun to my throat.

"Get up." he commanded. I didn't move. Stuff this guy! He may be hot but he was definitely a class A prick!

I ground my teeth together as he grabbed me and lifted me up onto my feet. He looked down at my shin.

"Don't ask, it's none of your business." I muttered. I could see that he was incredibly amused by my attitude. He smirked.

"Such a charming young lady, aren't you?"

I just realised another one of this guy's good qualities, his voice was soft, deep and sexy all at the same time! I mean…Wow! Whoops…he just insulted me!

I glared at him but it would have been more appropriate to stare. I heard noises behind me and spun around. The Knights had climbed the bunker and lowered their guns as they stared at me and the man.

"Sir!" They saluted him. The purple shouldered one came forward, "May I ask what you're doing here, sir?"

The man stepped forward to stand besides me, still aiming the gun at my throat, finger on the trigger. I looked side on at him. What a smart-ass! Ow! Shin…is…hurting!

"I came to see your progress…is that a problem, Captain?"

"N-No, sir!"

"Good then, now get to work. I want to see their General at my feet by 16.00. Is that clear!?"

They all saluted and jogged off. I noticed a black Hummer H2 parked just a few feet away from us. How had I not noticed something so big!?

"Now, what should I do with you?" he queried. I really wanted to slap this guy; the very tone he used was completely arrogant. Oh my God! He was talking about Alex! Jeez I'm slow!

I didn't answer him; I looked at my shin, watching the blood. I tried to think of a plan to escape and get to Alex before they found him but I'm not that smart when it came to upfront problems. I prefer to take my time rather than acting rashly.

He put his gun in the belt at his hip and hooked a gloved finger underneath my chin, making me look up at him.

I was completely lost in his eyes. I tried to move away from him and accidentally put too much weight on my injured shin and cried out. He caught me just as I was about to fall and held me up with his arm securely around my waist.

"I think I might have to let someone have a look at that." he said and smiled at me but I was too shaken up to notice.

It was then that I noticed the symbol on his right arm. It was the picture of a black horse with a Black Knight on its back. Of course I already knew he was on their side but not how important he was.

"Who are you?" I asked quietly as he half carried me to the Hummer.

He looked down at me, "I believe I asked you first."

"I'm Cassandra R…" I couldn't say my last name, everyone knew Patrick Rolands, my father, even the enemies knew of him since he was an excellent strategist. If I told him who I was, I'd likely be tortured into spilling any information that I had and that wouldn't be good since I know more than I should!

"Roberts." I finished rather stupidly, "Cassandra Roberts."




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