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Bloody bastards! My eyes darted to both of them as they started laughing, practically throwing themselves into hysterics. My mouth formed out into a thin line, arms crossed over my chest as I watched the two with narrowed slits for eyes. Sure the enjoyment of Arthas's kiss had been good but this was just pushing it. Again, I say, bloody bastards!

Aza was the worse of the two, banging his fist against the wall and trying to gulp in air as he continued laughing. Arthas was rolling around on the floor in front of me, trying in vain to cease laughing but it seemed all but impossible for the two males. With an aggravated sigh I patiently waited for their laughter to subside.

Arthas sat up slowly, a huge smile plastered on his handsome face and I just glared at him heatedly.

"Oh don't be angry," he purred and situated himself between my legs again, placing his hands on the edge of the seat outside of my legs and leaned in close. "I just find it amusing to hear that."

"You've heard it before?" my voice was deadly quiet to even my ears and I don't think I have ever been that quiet with my natural attitude.

And then he realised his mistake! Idiot! He just smirked but his eyes were careful from fear of saying something else that might persuade me to use something to remove his idiotic head.

"Sorry, Cassy," Azalitian said as soon as he was sure he could control himself, sitting up properly before continuing. "It's just real funny to hear that coming from you."

"But if you really want to know," Arthas dropped his voice to an octave that made my whole body shudder. "There is still a good forty-five minutes left."

Oh how I wanted to just accept that offer but when the door opened. I growled under my breath and cast an accusing look at the Varix as he walked in casually. He just had to ruin my chance at getting laid! Grrr. I will have my chance!

Varix looked at me in an all too amused expression and I just smirked knowingly. Arthas raised an eyebrow and I just looked at him with an expression that said: I-know-you-want-to-know-what-I'm-thinking-Mr-I'm-too-sexy-for-clothing. Oh that was good. I'm going to have to remember that.

Would you like me to relay that to him?

Don't you dare! I'll stuff doggy biscuits into your mouth and make you choke.

"What's wrong, Varix?" Azalitian asked quickly.

"Problem: Hendrix, Lewis and Maximus have gotten out of the principals office and are searching for us."

"He is too smart. I knew I should have killed him sooner. Oh well, if he comes in here for Cassandra then I will kill him." Arthas's eyes blazed with determination and I just sighed contently. I love guys that make you seem like the one thing in the world. Problem was that most guys like that are pricks. Where's a sign…I need to put something above his head saying PRICK in capital letters.

"Go find Kevin and keep to the plan," Azalitian suggested. "We'll deal with Max if by chance he finds us."

To prove his point, Azalitians hand disappeared into his clothes and pulled out his Mirzas, loading it quickly before settling it back in his belt. Arthas stood then and loaded his as well, moving it so that it was close to hand.

"Have fun." Varix said with a grin and left the room, shutting the door quickly behind him.

I pouted in consideration before I looked to Azalitian. "Hey, Aza, have you got a spare one of those guns?"

"I do actually, but what might you need it for?" he was already getting it out of his belt when Arthas shot him a look that I didn't see and his younger brother placed his hands back in his lap with an unhappy expression.

"You are not using a Mirzas." now his red eyes fixed on me and spurred me into action, as usual.

"But I need it just in case Max goes insane and tries to blow me to pieces or something." I whined. Funny, it almost sounded like I wanted him to try so that I could blow him to pieces; though maybe I could anyway since no one likes the bastard. Heh-heh- heh…Terminator!

"Don't you think you're being just a tad dramatic?"

"No. I am merely looking out for my own well-being." I replied easily and grinned as Arthas rolled his eyes in submission.

"Oh all right, but if you can't use it properly then I'm taking it off of you."

I stood up and walked past Arthas, hastily grabbing the Mirzas as Azalitian held it out to me. I tested the weight of the gun in one hand and sighted along the barrel. I threw it up in the air, much to the protest of the two males and caught it again.

"Yeah. I can handle this baby." I said evilly and started to chuckle quietly. Arthas and Azalitian just stared at me with shocked expressions. I guess they thought I was having a sadistic moment. I was currently trying to figure that out myself as I held the gun to my chest, stroking it with smooth caresses along its frame.

"OK…" Azalitian spoke slowly, as though he was speaking to a mentally challenged person. Hey! I am not mentally challenged…wait….no…never mind. I pocketed the gun at the belt on my waist and smiled cheerfully.

"OK. Now what? Should we go out and find the bastard or wait here patiently for him to come to us?"

"Wait here. It's too dangerous for you." Arthas said, almost possessively. He must be thinking about ripping Maximus to pieces. Well…who wouldn't want to rip the bastard to pieces when all he does is change sides, steal me, and just act like he has a stick permanently up his backside?

"It might be safer for you if we took you home." Azalitian suggested and Arthas immediately agreed with him.

"Yes, that would be more suitable for her. I'd like to meet her mother anyway."

OK. Firstly: I don't like people who act as if I'm not here and secondly; it would be sheer suicide for these two to meet my mother. She'd probably have a heart attack. However, it would be interesting to show off my so called boyfriend who just happens to be the Commander of the Black Knights' army…I need to stop now otherwise I'll probably start drooling. Heh-heh-heh…

"Sure. Whatever suits you guys," I said evenly and they shot me a curious look. Yes, consider what I'm thinking…heh-heh-heh…I really need alcohol.

"Cassandra," Arthas's voice was full of warning and caution and I turned my full attention to him. "As soon as we get out of this room, you're going to have to keep by my side at all times: none of your usual attitude. This will be dangerous for I'm sure that police are around now as well."

"No problem. I just hope I can successfully shoot something."

"Only if you have to and for you to do that would mean that Azalitian and I are disabled."

"Men!" I growled and they both chuckled. I stepped towards the door but Azalitian held a hand out in front of me.

"Oh no you don't. Arthas goes first."

I grumbled under my breath as the black-haired beauty opened the door and looked out. I was completely in awe as he just disappeared out of the room in two seconds. How had he bloody done that? These guys must have done some sort of Ninjitsu!

My curiosity got the best of me. "Aza, have you guys done Ninjitsu by any chance?"

"We got our black belts, purple stripes a couple of years ago." he answered smugly and I resisted the urge to try some of my own fighting tactics on him. I wish I could learn that sort of stuff.

"Does that mean you wore balaclavas?"

"Of course,"


Azalitian chuckled and he went next out the door, creeping stealthy exactly like a ninja. I loved ninja's, especially since my boyfriend was at the highest level! I followed after Azalitian to see them both crouched behind a garden bed, metres ahead of me; and then I saw why. Maximus was approaching yet he couldn't see me just yet. My hand jumped to my side, ready to get the Mirzas out if need be. Arthas looked at me sharply and his eyes warned me not to do anything rash. He gestured for me to get low to the ground. It was just as well that I had been trained to obey simple hand gestures like that otherwise I probably wouldn't have known what he was gesturing about. He might have been telling me to look at the ground….well that's just silly.

I dropped to the ground easily, settling onto the balls of my feet as I prepared to run if the need arose. I saw the two Black Knights nod to me approvingly and I flashed a triumphant grin. Lewis and Hendrix were with the ex-General and I tried to make myself invisible against the classroom door. At that moment I really wished I was Acari.

The three walked straight past Azalitian's and Arthas's hiding place and if I moved they would catch sight of me. I concentrated hard on keeping still and made the mistake of shifting my position. A rock on the ground beside me was scratched along the pavement as I moved my foot.

Maximus swung his head around and froze before smirking a little. Hendrix and Lewis followed his gaze and now I really wished I could become invisible. Oh I am such an idiot; I should have just stayed inside the classroom. Now what could I do? Go out there and fight them?

Stupid Mr grumpy pants, staring at me like that. Grrr. Where's a knife? I want to go poke his eyes out…

"There you are, Cassandra. Did Kevin abandon you?" Maximus sniggered as he made his way over to me, flanked by the two Red Stripes. They just looked at me disbelieving and I almost felt sorry for betraying them.

"No." I snapped and rose, getting into a fighting position. The Mirzas was hidden from view but I knew I could grab it and load it within one minute but Maximus would probably be faster than me; bloody prick.

They came within three feet of me and my reflex jumped in and I was sprinting to the side away from them. Maximus gave chase immediately and it became apparent that he was much faster than me as he came right beside me. I could hear gunfire in the background and assumed Lewis and Hendrix were fighting Azalitian and Arthas.

I hurriedly stopped as Maximus attempted to swing around in front of me, only to find himself flying backwards several metres. Arthas stood in front of me, his foot still raised from the massive kick.

"Wow." was the only thing I said and Arthas smirked devilishly before pushing me behind him. I peeked around him to see Maximus rising from the ground with a split lip and blood spluttered from his nose.

"Woot! You broke his nose! All right!" I cheered and pointed mockingly at the ex-General. "You're such a loser Maximus!"

My cheering didn't last for long as Maximus spat on the ground, blood staining it permanently.

Arthas stalked forward and the two began to engage in a savage fist fight. I just watched in fascination at their complicated moves and just…well…wow was the only word I could think of. Trust me, when you see two guys that have practiced Ninjitsu, your mouth will be touching the floor in amazement.

"Cassandra, go!" Arthas managed to call to me but it cost him a fist in the face and I winced.

"Go where!?" I called back irritably.

"Back of the school: the oval. We will meet you there!"

I prepared to leave but I didn't want him to die if I ran off. Without even realising it, I pulled the Mirzas out of my belt and loaded it, sighting down the barrel, aiming straight for Maximus. Arthas moved out of the way for a split second and I prayed that I would finally be able to shoot straight. I pulled the trigger and closed my eyes on reflex only to open them again as I heard a loud scream. I feared it was Arthas that I had hit and I allowed a small sigh of relief as I saw Maximus kneeling on the ground, holding his right leg as blood spluttered out of it. I gagged just a tiny bit before Arthas was towing me away with an annoyed look on his face.

"What? I shot the bastard, didn't I?"

"If he hadn't been engaged with me, then you might have been shot." his tone was the one I hated. Let me categorize this one: I'm-the-adult-and-your-not-so-you'd-better-listen-to-me.

Stupid, smart, sexy Commander…guy. Always thinks he is the boss of me or he's the one in the right…I just saved his arse…well…sorta…not really…oh fine, I didn't! But he might have been killed if I hadn't interfered. Oh great. I still worry about the guy. Life is going down hill for me real fast. I'm too much of a slow person to keep up with all this war crap. Sure I can strategise but fast-acting initiative isn't exactly one of my best traits.

"Ha! You're just embarrassed that I had to save you!"

Arthas looked at me sidelong and I could already guess what he was about to say. "Save me?" he chuckled darkly and I gasped as he tugged me right into him. "And what would you ask for in gratitude if that were true?"

The tone of his voice, the heat of his body against mine just about drove me to the point of insanity and I narrowly resisted the urge to jump him. Bugger, he's going to reduce me to a bloody slut sooner or later.

As much as I wanted for him to make my wishes come true, I didn't exactly feel like sacrificing my virginity in the middle of a war…heh-heh-heh…we'll see about that. Instead, I removed myself from the enclosure of his arm and gave him a stern look. "Hands to yourself for the moment, Commander,"

He smirked seductively at me as we continued to the back of the school and I was just cackling gleefully in my mind as I thought of all the wonderful things of when a man and woman get intimate.

Problems suddenly arrived. Students were walking out of the classes for the end of the day and here Arthas and I are, walking with guns in our hands. If someone was smart enough, they'd figure out he was the Commander of the Black Knights army. Uh-oh.

This did not look good. Already students were looking in our general direction and a few of the girls - the ones that had dobbed me in for being at the club - recognised Arthas as the man I had been with that night.

"Wow, Cass, he looks hotter close up," the two girls moved in with the rest of the students marching behind them. I quickly pocketed my gun but Arthas held his at the ready and his eyes narrowed at the two girls, making them flinch noticeably.

"Hey, hot stuff. Why do you have a gun? You want to come with us and have some fun?"

You sluts! Stay away from my Arthas! He's my Commander, bitches! Of course I didn't say this since Arthas might embarrass me for the rest of my life. Arthas didn't answer them and I took his place. "Piss off! I don't want to have to use this." I gestured to the gun at my belt and the students just laughed.

"Seriously, what's your name?" the first girl that had spoken completely ignored me and stepped a little closer to Arthas.

"That's none of your business."

"Wait!" someone that was coming out of a classroom had spotted Arthas. "He's the Commander of the Black Knights army!"

Whispers carried through the students and the two girls stepped away. I jumped as I heard someone running behind us and looked over my shoulder to see Azalitian with Hendrix and Lewis chasing after him.

"Let's go!"

I was completely out of it as Arthas grabbed my wrist and we started running through the students. Most refused to move so the two brothers had to use force, elbowing and occasionally shooting the ground next to them so that they jumped out of the way and knocked someone else over. Eventually, that created a chain reaction and all the students were on the ground, swearing and cursing each other as well as us. I just poked my tongue out at them.




I relaxed into the back seat of Zygia as we drove through the streets, steadily getting away from the school. I didn't bother listening to the two brothers as they talked quietly in the front seats. I had been utterly exhausted when we reached the car. I would have collapsed if Arthas hadn't caught me. Hendrix and Lewis had had to be lost before we could go to my mum's house so we ended up running around the school and doubling back to the car. I'm not surprised that they managed to do it, but it had been a killer on my legs.

"My…mum…won't let you guys in." I was still panting and the two turned in their seats to face me.

"She will, don't worry." Azalitian patted my knee comfortingly and I managed to smile.

"We just have to hide our weapons." Arthas said and I handed my Mirzas to Azalitian so that when we arrived at mums, she wouldn't think I was going to assassinate her or something stupid like that. But, I still had to introduce my boyfriend who is the Commander of the Black Knights! That is certainly going to be an interesting sight. How will she react? Hopefully she won't ring dad. Oh…that could be very bad. I wondered what Varix and Kevin were doing with the army. Yeah. What were they doing exactly?

I didn't ask yet though. I was more worried about my mother's reaction to the General and the Commander. And then it was time as we pulled into the driveway and got out of Zygia.

"You first, Cassandra," Azalitian motioned towards the front door and I gladly skipped ahead of them and rang the doorbell, feeling them come to stand behind me on either side. The sound of footsteps on the other side of the door could be heard and my mother poked her head out.

"Cass…how was your day-" it was then, unfortunately, that she noticed my two companions. It was most unfortunate that Azalitian was wearing his uniform and my mother just about had a heart attack.

"Relax, ma'am, we offer you and your daughter no harm." Azalitian coaxed to my mother in the tone of voice that sent even my knees weak as well as hers. With much persuasion, we were let inside and led to the lounge room, where I sat down on the three-seater and Arthas and Azalitian sat on either side of me. My mother sat down stiffly in the armchair, staring at me disapprovingly. What! It's not my fault I got caught up with these guys. Ok, it is, but that's beside the bloody point!

"You!" my mother suddenly pointed to Azalitian in the most accusing fashion. "How dare you capture my daughter's interest-" as my mother ranted on at him, I was currently trying very hard not too laugh and Arthas just looked amused at his brother's embarrassment.

"Mum?" I tried to interrupt.

"Not now, Cass, Arthas has some explaining to do-"

"I would," Azalitian said. His cheeks still flushed red. "If I were Arthas."

I giggled under my breath at my mother's look of shock as she suddenly realised the mistake that she had made. Now she turned to the man on my left with narrowed eyes and maybe slightly awed and transfixed.

"You're Arthas?"

"Indeed I am," the Commander said with an amused smirk. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

My mother didn't seem to share his perspective and I just smiled. "He's gorgeous isn't he?"

Three pairs of eyes turned on me and I just realised I had said that out loud. I did the first thing my mind came up with. Run for the hills! I sprang from the couch, making to rush to my room when an arm abruptly wrapped around my waist and I was in Arthas's lap before I could even comprehend what happened. Arthas's lips touched my ear as he whispered, "Naughty girl."

I just scowled and blushed at the look my mother gave us, seeing the position I was in on the adults lap. Heh-heh-heh. Such a simple mistake isn't it? I'm not complaining though!

Azalitian just shook his head with a small smile on his face.

My mother blinked a few times to get her bearings before she ploughed on. "So you are the Commander of the Black Knight's army?"

I might have been guessing, but mum definitely understood that she was conversing with my father's enemy.

"Yes, I am. And this is my brother, Azalitian, the General of my army."

"Azai-Azalit-…I'm sorry, how do you pronounce that?"

Arthas and I broke into a small fit of laughter and Azalitian gave us a half-hearted glare.

"It's doesn't matter. Cassandra can't pronounce it properly either so you can call me Aza if you wish."




At about six o'clock, the four of us were seated at the dinning table after a good meal and I was telling Arthas and Azalitian about my life before I met them. Mum was very pleasant to them now. She and Arthas had gone into the kitchen to talk for a little while and when they had come back she had seemed relived yet Arthas had sadness deep within his burgundy eyes. I hadn't had time to question him about their conversation but I would get around to it sometime tonight, if not soon.

"And Kevin's been my best friend ever since, so...yeah."

"I'd hate to think what would of happened if he hadn't joined us. You might have been permanently set against him." Azalitian said.

"I know."

The dinning room was silent as we all gathered our thoughts.

"Well," Arthas said with finality as he stood from his seat and Azalitian followed. "I think we'll call it a night. Thank you for your hospitality, Mary, but we have a matter to attend to."

I hurriedly stood up and latched onto his arm. "Arthas! Don't go…please?"

Azalitian looked at him and the Commander looked down at me, warmth flooding his red eyes and almost overwhelming to believing something was wrong.

"I need to talk to you, Cass." he whispered and my fears were more apparent as he led me into the TV room and shut the door so that Azalitian and my mother wouldn't be able to hear a thing. I weighed his expression carefully as he placed his hands on my waist and gazed at me with such love that I thought I might die from it.

"Something's wrong, isn't it." it wasn't a question, it was a fact.

"Yes. I may not survive this upcoming battle and maybe…I do not intend to either."

What the hell did he mean by that?

My arms circled around his neck and I placed my cheek against his chest. "Arthas…"

"You know of my genetic disorder, Cassandra. It cannot be cured, as far as I know and if I go into this battle, I may over-exert myself and die. I do have extra abilities but if I use that too much, then I will find myself at the end of a rope."

I looked up at him sharply to see pain swimming in his eyes, but not pain for himself. It was for me, the knowledge that if he died I would be alone. And…if he had told this to my mother and that had equalled to the relieved look on her face then…

"You're leaving me!?" my voice came out at a higher pitch then was intended but the expression on his face proved the suspicion correct.

He was going to leave me, to save me from the suffering of his passing if I got closer to him. Automatically, my arms tightened around him so hard that I might have choked him to death but he said nothing. He merely held me to him, stroking my hair and trying to give me as much comfort as he could.

"So you are intelligent." he murmured with a humorous chuckle that had an edge to it.

"Seems so," I answered bitterly and lifted my head to stare up at him with tears in my eyes. "You can't leave me."

The only reaction I got to that was his arms tightening and his face was hidden from view as he bent his head over mine but I was shocked when I felt warm tears spill onto my cheeks. When he spoke, his voice was steady. "I will do what I must to save you from the harshness of the separation."

My words caught in my throat as he lifted his head up and gazed down at me before capturing my lips in a searing kiss and almost suffocating me with the sheer strength of his arms around my body. It was over within seconds and I was frozen in shock as he stepped out of the room only to look back at me over his shoulder, eyes full of compassion.

"I love you, Cassandra. Never forget that. It is likely that I will meet my journeys end tomorrow at dawn. Fare well."

And then he was gone. I hurried out of the room to see my mother standing at the front door and I could see Azalitian's boot just disappear from sight. I raced past my mother and onto the driveway to see Zygia reversing out onto the road. Azalitian put the window down and raised his hand in fare well and before I could blink, the car of Death was racing down the street and out of my life.

My knees collapsed underneath me and my body toppled down with it to rest on the ground. My mother was hovering over me, talking to me but I heard none of what she said as she helped me to walk back to the house. I was utterly broken. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to do.

Endless tears streamed down my face and no matter what I did, I couldn't stop them. It was as though a tap had been permanently twisted to continue my suffering. I still couldn't grasp the fact that he left me, that he would probably let someone kill him as soon as he destroyed the nuke and Maximus.

As I lay down in my bed, pulling the covers up to my chin, I cried in the darkness of my bedroom. Several times, I heard footsteps stop and then continue past my closed door. My crying abruptly stopped as determination flared out of nowhere in the deep recesses of my mind. I would save Arthas, and I will be there for the battle tomorrow morning at Alia, The Red Stripes Headquarters.




"Pfft. We are barking mad by doing this." Kevin muttered under his breath, flexing his gun hand before pulling out said object and loading it in one swift movement. The countless other Black Knight's crouched around him in the scrub, facing the fortress that was Alia. Guards were stationed on high towers with spot lights to look out for any sort of invasion. Due to Miscreant's technology, they had managed to produce camouflaging tanks that could blend into the background with no problems whatsoever. Only three tanks had been brought but that would be enough for the surprise assault before the actual barrage of the gates. Arthas and Azalitian were crouched by one of the hidden tanks and looked at their digital watches; five am exactly and the sun hadn't begun to rise as of yet. What was better then to attack in the dark?

"Signal the tanks." Arthas murmured and loading his Mirzas, keeping himself occupied so that his thoughts didn't stray to the object of his heavy heart.

Azalitian did as he was told and everyone held their breath as the tanks made the series' of noises before they prepared to fire. It seemed that none of the Red Stripes on look-out duty had heard the immense rattle of metal.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Arthas?" Azalitian whispered to his older brother.

Arthas let out a long suffering sigh. "Positive, Azalitian. Feel free to back out for I am not forcing you to do this."

Azalitian clamped an armoured hand on his brother's shoulder. Both of them wore the traditional Black Knight's armour, but it was lighter so that they had more movement. Their helmets were identical to those of the lower ranks as well.

"I'm with you all the way."

"Thank you."

Don't forget us.

Varix, in his wolf form had trotted over to them with Acari besides him. The two wolves wore respectable armour that would keep them safe during the battle, their legs were free to move and their mouths were free to bite and teeth to tear.

"Be careful. If anyone should return to Cassandra, it should be you." Arthas whispered to his friend, scratching the sensitive ears with an armoured finger.

Let's hope we all come back to her. Varix bargained.

Acari snorted and turned her head away. Azalitian fondled her ears. "Be careful, Acari."

"I will. You, too."

Arthas looked towards the fortress of sorts and his fingers tightened around the Mirzas. "Fire."

The Red Stripes didn't know what had hit them as the tanks became visible and fired, rolling back a few paces before continuing their onslaught. The stone walls of the fortress were blown to bits as well as the iron gates. Azalitian signalled for the attack team to move in and armoured vehicles sped towards the entrance, barrelling over any unsuspecting soldiers. The tanks stopped firing, due to the fact that they might hurt their own soldiers. Arthas listened carefully to the gunfire commencing inside before he stood up and ran forward, a deafening cry flew from his lips. Thousands of black shadows rose up behind him in pursuit, echoing his cry of rage. Azalitian, Acari and Varix pounded along besides the Commander.

Black Knights flooded into the encampment and the battle started.




I woke up at 5.15 and hurriedly dressed before climbing out of my window and down to the ground where I thought out my next plan. How could I get to Alia? My hopes were crushed again but I wouldn't give up, not when Arthas needed me. Such determination was lost on me but I guess I could only describe it as I was deeply in love with the guy and any separation made me want to kill something. Maybe I'll get that chance.

"Hey, Cassy. Want a lift?"

I turned so fast I nearly fell over. Hendrix and Lewis stood besides Arthas's Hummer!

"How the-" I started but was cut off.

"We decided that it would be a lot more fun to be on your side. We only joined last night." Hendrix said.

"And we stole the keys to that," Lewis gestured to the massive four-wheel drive. To come and get you."

Tears sparkled in my eyes and I hurried towards my two old friends. I hugged them both. "Thanks you guys"

"No problem." Hendrix said.

"You ready to kick ass and get your man back, Cassy?" Lewis asked.

"Damn straight!"




Varix snarled threateningly at any man that got in his way as he raced down the corridor to where the nuke was currently located. Acari ran by his side but Arthas and Azalitian had been separated from them in the scuttle at the front gates.

"They'll be going after Patrick." Acari panted heavily.


"Look out!"

A man had appeared out of nowhere, gun centred on them. Acari, in a noble move, smashed Varix out of the way to take the bullet in the chest. Varix howled in anguish and ripped the perpetrators throat out before rushing to his sisters' side. Blood pooled around her black fur and matted in her coat.


He rubbed his head against hers and whined.

"Don't worry, Varix," she rasped, her head lifted to nose his chest. "I'll always be here."


The white wolf whispered as her head sagged against the ground and her beautiful eyes became blank.





Kevin was quite put off when he saw his opponent through the haze of smoke: Maximus.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh SHIT!" he shouted as he dove for cover behind a fallen piece of the roof that had come down when the tanks had fired, just in time other wise he might have been dead.

"You're such a coward, Kevin." Maximus said cheerfully through the haze as he loaded his gun to fire the next shot. Kevin loaded his own gun as he replied. "Hardly. You can't exactly just stand still and let someone shoot you…wait…you did! Arthas told me about it."

Maximus chuckled. "That doesn't matter. It was a cheap shot anyway. And if you're wondering, my leg has been healed and it is of no hindrance to me."

"Oh bugger," Kevin said dramatically. "I can beat you without an advantage anyway seeing as your such a lose-"

There was a loud click by his head and he looked up to see Maximus with his own gun, hand on the trigger against his skull.

"You were saying?" Maximus sniggered, unmistakeable madness glittering within the abyss of his eyes. Kevin dropped his weapon and held his hands up but froze as he heard Maximus's next words.

"The Red Stripes don't take prisoners."

The gun shot echoed around the small room but Kevin was still alive. Blood was all over his face from the shot wound in Maximus's chest. The ex-General was lying on the ground unmoving.

Arthas stood in full armour at the doorway and with a curt nod, he disappeared. Kevin blinked then shook his head in disbelief. "I am going to have to owe him for that one."




Azalitian was the first to arrive on the sixth floor, leading to Patrick Roland's office. Bad thing was that over twenty Red Stripes were guarding the door and he had only been able to take out two when they finally realised the direction from which he was shooting. He re-loaded and blindly shot around the corner and smirked as he heard a few cries of pain. The elevator door besides him opened and Arthas walked out with a group of Black knights' behind him.

"You killed Maximus." Azalitian stated.

"Yes. He was just about to shoot Kevin."

"Good save."

Arthas didn't reply, instead he jumped from the wall and rolled forward, knocking a table over and crouched behind it as the soldiers guarding the entrance to the office now fired at the table in hopes of getting through it to him. Slowly, but surely, they were able to pick off all the Red Stripes.

Arthas and Azalitian strode ahead of the lower ranked Black Knights and stopped at the doors. They leaned on either side as Azalitian figured out the security lock and the doors slid open. A few rounds were fired out of the office but hit no one since the Knights had had some common sense to follow their superior's actions by standing against the doors instead of in front of them.

Arthas waited until he had heard the empty click of a gun before he rushed into the room, his gun held at-the-ready. Azalitian followed him in but gestured for the others to remain behind and guard their backs. The Commander of the Black Knights stared at Patrick disbelieving. The other Commander was backed up against the window with the gun still pointed at them.

"Y-You! I remember you," Patrick's voice grew in strength as he faced his enemy. "Commander of the Black Knight's army. Arthas."

"It's an honour to hear that you remember me, Patrick." Arthas removed his helmet so that he could glare at his enemy. Such hate was built up into his expression that even Patrick shuddered under the intensity but not before all traces of panic left and he calmly stepped up to his desk and placed his gun on the wood before addressing Azalitian. The General removed his helmet and looked just as angry as his brother with his gun raised to Patrick's head.

"And you, Azalitian. It's nice to see you again, too."

"Oh likewise, Patrick, likewise." he spat venomously.

"It's a shame that your daughter doesn't share the same hate towards us as you do." Arthas said quietly with a smirk at Patrick's reaction.

"What do you mean?"

"She loves me."


"Why do you think she wasn't a complete mental case when she came back to you? She fell in love with me and from that, I fell in love with her and I told her what you did to me, my brother and a few others."

Patrick's face reddened with anger at the sheer absurdity of Arthas's words. How could his daughter love that man? She had been his prisoner.

"It doesn't matter," Patrick cackled and lifted his left hand to show a remote of some sort. "As soon as you try to shoot me, I'll press this button and Miscreant will be destroyed completely."

Arthas and Azalitian froze. That is not good. Their plan to save their city had suddenly gone down the drain before they had even realised it. Patrick had been prepared for their attack! The Commander of the Black Knights gritted his teeth and his finger inched towards the trigger of his Mirzas which was currently pointed at the man's chest.

"You sick bastard." Azalitian growled dangerously.

"Shoot and your city will be dead." Patrick said simply.

"I don't know what Cassandra did to deserve a father like you." Arthas snapped.

Patrick's mouth thinned out to a firm line and his finger inched a little towards the button. "She does not love you."

"She told me she did."

"In your dreams, Arthas."

In a swift movement, Arthas shot Patrick's leg and the other Commander swore, and dropped the remote and it fell to the floor on its flat side. Azalitian dove to the ground and grabbed it, quickly disabling its ability to set off the nuke automatically.

"Any last words, Patrick?" Arthas hissed, the tip of his gun touching the man's forehead.

"Fuck you."

The gun shot reverberated around the room and the two brothers relaxed. Patrick Rolands, the man that had caused them so much grief, was dead.





I didn't know what to say as I saw what a mess Alia had become. Now that the sun was up, everything was perfectly visible and clear. Rubble scattered the ground and so did many mutilated bodies from the force of a tank or fire. There was no one out the front, everything was now commencing inside. I leapt out of the Hummer as soon as it had stopped and ignored the calls of Hendrix and Lewis as I rushed into the building, searching in vain for Arthas. I had a gun to protect me in case I needed it so I should be fine.


I spun around to see a bloodied Kevin hurrying out of another room along the corridor. I flung my arms around him, despite his gory state.

"Thank goodness you survived!" I said happily, scrubbing tears away as he smiled at me.

"Only just. Your boyfriend saved me from death. Dear Maxy-poo was about to kill me."

"He's dead then?"

"As dead as a doornail."


"But it's not over yet. We still need to destroy the nuke and get the others out of here since we're going to have to blow up the entire place."

"But won't that set off the nuke and create a massive explosion?"

"No. We will disable the nuke first and then blow everything up."

"Fair enough. Wait! What about my father?"

To that, Kevin's expression became confused. "I don't know. Arthas and Azalitian were heading up to the sixth floor I think - wait, Cass!"

I ran away from him, towards the elevators but when I arrived, the doors opened and Black Knights in full armour stepped out. I don't know why, but I hid behind a wall and watched as the progression continued. My breath caught in my throat as Azalitian and Arthas were the last to step out in full armour though their helmets were nowhere to be seen. How I wanted to leap out and embrace Arthas before he disappeared but my body refused to move. I then realised it was the shock that he was still alive and I tried in vain to get my mouth to work let alone my body.

"Arthas," I whispered in vain though he did not hear me and he was disappearing from my sight faster then I would have liked.

I made a step forward and another, "Arthas!"

He'd disappeared and my body, suddenly able to move, sprang into action and I raced around the corner, shouting my heartache's name. "Arthas!"

He spun to face me, an expression of shock and love crossing his features as I collided with him. I almost broke my nose on his armour. No wonder he didn't fall over. He was in complete shock as my tears ran down his metallic chest.

"Oh Cassandra." and then his arms wrapped around me, though it wasn't what I was used to seeing as he was in armour. It was comforting all the same though. Azalitian and the rest of the progression had turned around as well and cheered.

"Damn you. Don't you ever say something like that to me ever again!" I hissed at him, my eyes flaming angrily and he just smiled weakly.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't think I'd survive."

"Well you survived this far!"

"I know and I'm sorry."

I hugged him as best I could.

"You're forgiven. Now let's go destroy that nuke!"




Varix limped carefully into the giant room that the nuke was being held. All occupants had been killed, making his job a lot easier. It pained him to do it, but he managed to change into his human form with a loud grown and began working manually to disable the nuke. He used his left hand to stem the blood rushing from his left side where he had been shot a few minutes after his sister's death. His right leg had been shot also. It was only a matter of time before he died of blood loss. The sound of many footsteps alerted him to other people coming in and he looked over his shoulder to see over a thousand Black Knights, Azalitian, Arthas and I.

With a smile he nodded in our direction and continued working until we were right beside him with the Black Knights crowded behind us.

"Where is Acari?" Azalitian asked quickly and although it pained him to do it, Varix continued typing as he answered. "Dead. She died defending me."

The General dipped his head and a few tears trailed down his cheeks. I pat his shoulder and he smiled at me slightly before watching Varix continue.

The wolf swore violently underneath his breath as the console refused the password he had typed in.

"Argh! We payed over a thousand for this password and it doesn't even work!"

"Might I be of service?"

Kevin walked through the crowd of Black Knights with Hendrix and Lewis besides him. Varix moved aside and pouted as Kevin typed something in and they were able to access the nuke's mainframe.

"How did you know?" Arthas asked curiously.

"Patrick trusted me far too much in hopes that I would eventually take Cassandra for myself."

I blushed at that comment and Arthas held me possessively to his side as he glared daggers at Kevin. "I suppose I can forgive you for that comment since you just helped us, as well as for saving you."

"Yeah, thanks for that."

"I was going to kill him anyway. You're just lucky that I had been there."

I just smirked. Yep, Arthas might never be his trademark name to me again but he certainly would to others; a prick. Kevin seemed to share my thoughts as he smiled though I could be wrong, you just never know with my best friend. Varix sighed in relief. "It's done"

Cheering echoed around the giant room and humorous eyes drifted to the now harmless nuke.




It turned out that no one from the Red Stripes had been left alive, including my father. Now you'd think if your boyfriend killed your father you would kill them. Arthas thought this would be my reaction but was quite surprised.

"I wasn't happy with what he did to you and I'm not happy that you killed him but I can't really blame you. If I was in your position, I would do it despite anyone else's feelings."

Arthas smiled appreciatively at me as I looked towards Alia that was far away in the distance.

"Thank you, Cassandra."

"No problem."

"Look! It's going bye-byes now. Hehehahahahahahaaha!" Kevin cackled like a complete maniac as a tremor rolled across the ground and Alia exploded in colourful flames that trailed up twenty feet into the air. We turned our backs on the sight and everyone's thoughts drifted to what happened now.

The Black Knights had gone ahead and were well back to Miscreant now, enjoying the well deserved holiday that Arthas had given them before he went back. He would need to go back soon for new recruits were due in and he was the one to train them. Azalitian would as well, but the Commander more so.

"Well," I said quietly as I stood in the driveway to my house with my mother behind me. "What happens now?"

The men were unusually quiet and so was my mother.

"I'm going straight back to Miscreant," Kevin said. "I got a fiancée the day before I left."

"Congratulations!" I said cheerfully and slapped him on the shoulder. He blushed and I just grinned stupidly.

"Ah well, I'll see you when I see ya." he kissed me on the cheek, much to Arthas's annoyance and jumped into the Hummer before Arthas could hit him one or shoot him since I noticed his hand creeping towards his waist.

"Arthas. Don't play dirty." I scolded him with my hands placed on my hips.

"But I like playing dirty." the glint in his eyes and his mischievous tone let me enjoy a torrent of wonderful, not to mention erotic images rushing through my mind.

Hendrix and Lewis had gone with the Black Knights as well. Varix had gone back early as well, seeing the wounds he had received. Now all that was left was me, Arthas and Azalitian.

"It turns out that there is a cure for the genetic disorder," Azalitian said. "And it will be available for us as soon as we get back to Miscreant."

Arthas nodded and Azalitian hugged me fiercely before getting into Zygia's passenger side. I knew what was going to happen. Arthas was going to passionately kiss me and say this was goodbye forever.

My mother retreated to the porch to give us some privacy but I didn't see what the point was when half the neighbourhood was out to have a look at their new Commander. Yep, Miscreant had now claimed Alia and my neighbourhood as their own so that if a new danger arrived the Black Knights would defend us. The feud between Alia and Miscreant was over.

"Ok, go on. Get out of here before I start crying," I said miserably with a gesture towards Zygia. Arthas raised an eyebrow and I just stared at him.

"Aren't you going to say something like: I'm going to leave now, Cass and you'll never see me again?"

"No…"Arthas answered somewhat slowly. "You're coming with me."

"I-WHAT!?" I was blown over by surprise and happiness. So he wasn't leaving me to wallow in sadness and despair! Yippee! My very own fairy tale!



"B-but…you're a Commander of an army and you'll be busy and-"

His face came inches from mine, his red eyes glowing with passion. "I will always have time for you, Cassandra." and then his lips crashed down to mine and my ears were temporarily buffeted by the cheers of my entire street.

It turned out that mum intended to stay at home and I would be allowed to come see her when Arthas had meetings over in other countries. When I got into Zygia's back seat, Arthas climbed in beside me instead of being in the front for once and wrapped his arms around my frame. Azalitian just grinned at me and I smiled back.

"I'm never going to leave you again." Arthas whispered to me.


"I promise." he pressed his lips against mine and I sighed. He chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"You are."

"Why's that?"

"The way you are so easily…seduced by me."

"Oh really? Well I'll tell you something, sexy," Arthas's lips curved into a seductive smirk at my playful nickname for him. "That you aren't getting anything from me."

"We'll see about that."

"Oh would you two just shut up for once?" Azalitian said politely and we all started laughing.




Cassandra closed the book with a small sigh. It was finished. It had taken her eighteen months but it was finished and with much nagging to Arthas, she would get it published and it would be released sometime next year. Life was good for her now, living in Miscreant with Arthas in his very large apartment in a sky scraper that looked out over the whole city. Cassandra hated the mansion so Arthas had had the initiative to move back into his old apartment. Varix and Azalitian lived with them as well and they were currently working on the new room for a new arrival. Cassandra placed a hand on her oversized belly and relaxed into the leather couch, placing the leather book on the table in front of her.

"My dear, how are you today?" Arthas was suddenly sitting besides her, lips pressed to hers in a gentle, passionate kiss to show just how much he loved her. Cassandra smiled at him.

"Oh the usual, just a few annoying…owww…pains!" she looked accusingly down at her stomach. Arthas's red eyes glazed over with amusement and love at the appearance of her normal attitude. Despite the fact that his genetic disease had been cured, he still looked the same and his abilities hadn't changed and neither had Azalitian or Varix.

"Don't worry. He is due in a week." Arthas wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she rested her head against his chest. At the moment, he was training the new recruits for the army and soon, he would need to be there again at the academy to see them through their first-term exams.

"Thanks for reminding me." Cassandra snapped. It wasn't her fault that she snapped at him. It was the hormones. Just blame the bloody hormones!

Arthas smirked and kissed her again before placing his left hand on her bulging stomach.

"Oh yeah, and if your brother makes a comment that I'm getting fat one more time, I'll boot him into the next century." Cassandra reminded her husband. As soon as she had turned nineteen, Arthas had proposed to her and she had almost fainted but of course, she accepted by knocking him to the floor and kissed him continuously. That of course had led to other activates and she finally got her wish. She lost her damned virginity! And then found out about a month later that she was pregnant. It hadn't bothered her; she was thrilled since she always wanted to have kids. Arthas shared her enthusiasm but the two had always wondered if they would make good parents.

"He's only said it once-" Arthas grunted as Cassandra elbowed him in the ribs.

"You mean three times! Four is just pushing it-"

"Cassandra!" Azalitian popped his head out of the 'baby's room' with a gleeful smile on his face. "I forgot to tell you. Your trainer called this morning and said she wasn't impressed with the amount of weight you'd put on."

Cassandra twitched noticeably and Arthas looked around at his brother with a look that said: now you've done it. I'm not going to hear the end of it

The reply was: couldn't help it

"You little bastard! You're supposed to be the responsible one!" Cassandra shouted across the room, her cheeks flushing angrily and her breathing became slightly laboured. It was a real drain on energy to be pregnant. Azalitian just grinned and his head disappeared from sight though you could hear Varix and the General giggling in the other room. Cassandra sighed. "See?"

"I'm sorry, sweetheart." Arthas managed to conceal his own laughter, only just but he was sorry to an extent.

"No you're not." she said weakly and her eyes drifted close. Arthas chuckled under his breath and let her lie down comfortably before he stood up and placed a blanket over her form. His eyes glowing with love and gentleness that wasn't even apparent to someone who didn't know him.

As he prepared to walk away she grabbed his hand and he stared down into her eyes. "I love you, Arthas. You've made me so happy."

He smiled and crouched down, pressing his lips to hers. "My life was worthless until you came into it. I love you more than you know, my darling Cassandra. Go to sleep now, love, I'll be gone for a few hours but I will be back in the afternoon."

"OK." she said softly and her breathing grew quieter as she drifted close to unconsciousness. "I love you."

"I love you, too." he kissed her forehead again before he stood up and went to the room that Azalitian and Varix were preparing for his child's arrival.

"Will you stop with the fat comments? She'll get upset eventually." Arthas asked his brother.

"I'm not that mean to let it get to that stage." Azalitian said evenly and swatted Varix with the white paint brush.

"Oi! What was that for?"

"You're not watching what you're doing because you just painted the window."

The General was right and the proof was a white line on the edge of the glass.

"Oh bugger." Varix began cleaning it off.

Arthas smiled and shook his head, stepping out of the room when he heard Azalitian say, "Oh and when Cassandra wakes up. Tell her that the Chemist phoned saying she has to go off the sugar tablets for fear of too much weight gain."






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