by, Cassandra

Butterfly kisses, and rainbow tears
Running away from hidden fears
Rolling waves and shattered bridges
There's no way to regain what is gone

Follow the inlaid crystal paths
And caress the etches glass leaves
Everything you've ever dreamed
Lies right around the bend, you see

Seduction comes in many forms
Both the good and the bad
You'll never see it coming
In the form of sweetest sun showers

See the gemstone unblinking eyes
Luring you farther away from home
With each step you take, the ground falls away
Till you're walking on nothing but pure air

Even beauty has to have its faults
But disguises reflect what isn't there
Beware of the wine that's offered you
Its sweetness blinds you to the things inside

Don't look to the stars for love's delight
They're tainted by un-heavenly light
And will only serve to cause you pain
And bring this story to it's end

So watch which way you walk
And don't be fooled by things divine
Seduction takes all shapes and forms
And you never know which way the wind will blow