Kindness, itself

Is nothing more than a rose

Simple and delicate, beautiful

Less complex than many may suppose

And to those who may dream

Through both nights and days

Who sigh through the years

And feel empty in ways

There is always a light

May it not always show

But to feel it is divine

May we not always know

That the strength that we find

To get up and move on

Is something so simple

That will never be gone

A smile as you pass

A wave as you walk

A hug as you play

And a kiss as you talk

Saving the world

In the form of a rose

And the kindness shines bright

As the word simply grows

As we start to understand

Why we hate and we fight

And we curse and we punch

And we lie, out of spite

We believe if we're kind

That we will be alone

That our lives wont go on

And be colder than stone

But the truth is your voice

Though may sound strange and absurd

Someone is listening

Someone has heard

And their eyes will be opened

By the message you deliver

And tell him you love him

Dare to forgive her

And the world starts to change

As the roses are spread

All the hearts will return

That you thought were long dead

But this dream cannot be

And the pain cannot die

If we dont come together

Bite our lips and just try

To fix what is broken

Make right what is wrong

Tie together what's been

Disconnected so long

And all this can be done

At the hands of all those

Who realize kindness itself

Is nothing more than a rose