Wilhelmina Butch

I could hear my screams and shouts growing more forceful with everyone cry. My heart was pounding as I waved my butcher's knife over my head like a mad woman. The act I was persisting was not a very courageous one as some later thought it to be but I considered it to be more on the foolish and stupid side.

"KILL!" I cried again and again completely aware of the entire castle of Elthenia at my back. We were all over the Elthenia Palace Courtyard holding our weapons up ready to strike two people who we did not even know, which I thought was just as well. I did not consider myself a criminal. I have never done any wrong doings in my life and this one is the only one that has yet to come close towards putting a black mark on my record. It does not make me happy in the slightest. My brain is swimming with mind boggling thoughts and my heart is pounding and overflowing with emotions that are now uncontrollable.

"KILL THEM!" I shrieked then my voice cracking at the over high pitch that I dared to use in my uncontrolled state. I ran at the Man and Girl and hoped that they received severe bodily harm for their disservice to the King of Elthenia. Glancing behind me for a quick moment I saw everyone running at my heels repeating my chant at the top of their lungs. I saw up above, Lord Sacre looking more menacing and angered then anyone had ever seen him.

Feeling a little push in the back of my mind I picked up my pace and watched as the girl turned back and rolled her eyes at me with a look of nervousness on her face. She actually rolled her eyes at me? I thought amazed. This was a daring child! I was running now aiming to throw my knife right at the girl's back only to find that my heart was not fully in it as I had suspected when this had all begun. I could not turn back now though.

The Man and the Girl attacked two of our best guards and were out the gate in seconds. I stopped short for a moment clutching a stitch in my side. I looked in shock at the wounded guards. These were dangerous fugitives, I decided and I got my self back together as best I could under the circumstances and raised my butcher knife held arm in the air once more and ran blindly into the Elthen Forest.

One of the stupidest things that one could ever do was run blindly into the Elthen Forest. It was known to be one of the darkest and most dangerous forests known to man, elf or dwarf. I only realized this after I was well into the forest and after a good number of the palace had been separated from the group. I noticed too that we were no longer tracking the Man and the Girl seeing as had absolutely no sense of direction.

"KILL!" I cried halfheartedly as we reached a fork in the forest trail that had been only been made by the animals.

"Come off it Willie," one of the servants muttered. A couple people laughed then and jeered at me as if I were a stupid old lady. I looked at them all, a feeling of flabbergasted shock stretching across my face and flowing through my body at full speed.

"You witch," someone else yelled and then turned away. Then he as if with second thoughts he turned back. "Hey guys I want to be back in time for dinner!" This received many nods and they all turned their backs. I stared at the hundred or so backs that were faced to me and gaped.

"You're just going to leave?" I demanded my voice cracking and making me sound stupider. "You're just going to leave me here to hunt the two kids myself?"

They all turned to me looking rather surprised that I had spoken rather then shouted. "Really Willie," the new leader said trying to look sympathetic. "They're two kids, what could they do to thwart us anyway? Its not like they were truly important. I mean come on we have more important things to do then run after two kids that could outrun us even on horseback! We're old Willie Butch, just give it up, you're old too and we want our dinner."

"Well it won't be me preparin' it," I yelled feeling tears well up in my eyes. I turned on my heel and fled the group. I could hear laughter echoing behind me. They were all jeering and sniggering as if I had done the funniest thing they had ever seen in their lives!

After running a good length of the forest I stopped to rest. My heart was pounding and the stitch was there again. I sat down on a tree root and looked around. Tall trees surrounded me. I was surrounded by animal shelters and underbrush. I felt the chill breeze and shivered rubbing my arms. Dropping my butcher knife I put my face in my hands and wept bitterly. What had I done? I was such a foolish and stupid woman!

I could not believe my stupidity then. Here I was sitting on a tree root with nothing but a butcher knife and the clothes on my back for supplies. My stomach was growling and the trees were becoming darker and darker with every passing minute. I felt more lost then I had ever felt in my life.

As I felt myself nodding off to sleep I heard a crackling of twigs and leaves. I jumped to my feet feeling around for my butcher knife.

"Who's there?" I demanded at the darkness. There was no answer. I only heard the continuous movement through the underbrush and I noted with my feeble ears that the sounds were getting closer and closer. "Who's there!" I shrieked my fear climbing considerably. Then out of the shadows came a man brandishing a lantern in his left hand and a long unsheathed sword in his right. I took a step back falling over the tree root. I groaned in pain and then stood up to get a better look at the man.

He was smiling at my clumsiness I saw and I saw too that it was a handsome old man type smile that I became rather fond of. He was around five feet and was rather stout. His face was small and kind of stretched. It was lined with wrinkles and framed with long brown hair. He wore a woolen shirt and trousers. His feet were bare and his toes had considerable amounts of hair that made me look away.

'Who are you?" I breathed looking him straight in the face attempting to meet glassy green eyes. The man looked me over and then met my frightened gaze.

"Who am I?" he asked his smile changing into a laugh. "I think the more appropriate question is who are you?" I gaped at him. On his back I noticed a backpack full to the brim with necessary supplies inside.

"Well I…I'm…" I stuttered foolishly unable to speak for fear I would say more stupid things as I had done for the most part of the day. He laughed harder at this and slapped his knee dropping his sword in the process. He picked it up still laughing and put it back.

"Come lady," he said motioning to the tree root. "Have a seat. You look hungry." I could not see how I looked the slightest bit hungry but I listened to him rather then speak. I sat down hesitantly and just looked at the man as he stooped low relieving his shoulders of the burden. He extracted two apples and two slices of bread. He handed me an apple and a slice of bread and I took it from him gratefully.

"Thank you," I murmured. He nodded and sank his teeth into the bright red apple. "I'm Wilhelmina," I muttered after I finished my bread and moved to my apple. "Wilhelmina Butch."

"Tuttle," the man said after finishing a bite of his apple. "Benji Tuttle." I looked at him more closely and did not take my eyes off of him as he ate his apple hungrily.

It was odd I guess how strange the day was going. I thought that it just might turn for the better. It was rather interesting to say the least. Meeting Benji Tuttle changed much for me that day.S