I look into your face

And you hold me

Like, finally, I am not alone.

You complete me

I am a part of you

And everything will be alright

Just for that moment

An instant I open heavy eyes

They sting and burn with tears.

I weigh like everything in the world is now upon my chest

My first thought scares me to death

It is that I love you

The second voice screams "No!"

I cannot

Never again

And as I stare at the ceiling I wonder why I feel complete

And how as each second passes and I am not in your arms,

I become more empty

It all hurt so bad

And life was going great

But a dream of holding you has ruined my day

An instant of care and peace makes me wonder about it all

I cannot

I will not

But I do.

And I can't say a thing,

Because I won't get answers

And I can't run away,

Because you're here

And I can't fall apart

Because life was going so well,

All from a memory of being held.