Movie Ideas

Summer Fling

Not every love story has a happy ending

It began like any other summer getting out of school, sleeping in 'till noon, shopping for shorts & T-Shirts, but most especially packing up the family suitcases to spend three glorious weeks at Lake Polaris that's exactly what Cindy Lou Evans did every summer with her family since she was a kid and like every summer she was going to go there again and boy was she excited. However, Cindy Lou discovers that the lake is not the same as she remembers for what was once a happy and peaceful lakeside resort has now become an openly boring wake where the parents relax endlessly while their kids smuggle in pot, booze, and throw parties that last 'till dawn. At first, Cindy Lou tries to blend in but never being the 'bad' girl type she quickly abandons the idea of joining the group and starts hanging out around the lake by herself and it is on one of her many walks that she meets Frankie James Gordon: a charismatic, attractive, seductive playboy that sells summer clothing & jewelry for a living while sleeping with almost every woman he meets at the resort (including the married ones). Automatically seeing what kind of man Frankie James is Cindy Lou makes a great effort to stay away from him and he with her thinking Cindy Lou as an immature, preachy, little kid but in spite of Cindy Lou and Frankie James's' efforts to do everything they possibly can to stay away from each other an attraction nevertheless grows between them and eventually they become lovers. However, Cindy Lou and Frankie James may love each other passionately and are completely loyal to one another but they are still five years apart in age difference (Cindy Lou being 16 and Frankie James being 21) so they are forced to hide their love but as the weeks go by troubles arise for the two like jealous ex-boyfriends, estranged wives, pregnancy scares, and the choosing by Cindy Lou of staying with her family or running away with Frankie James. Will their love survive all of this or will it become solid proof that theirs was not meant to be?

Sweet Revenge

They teamed up to win back their lovers but ended up winning each other

For Faith Horner life could not be any better; she had been accepted into one of the top three colleges in America, was going to graduate from high school in less than two weeks, had a totally hot and popular boyfriend, and had been nominated to be the next Prom Queen. Yes, everything was going as exactly as she would've hoped for except for her boyfriend dumping her at a party in front half the senior class, and taking her chances of being Prom Queen down several notches. Unwilling to admit defeat Faith concocts a plan that will not only win back her boyfriend's love but will make her seem like a hero to the rest of the senior class and bring up the odds of her winning the Prom Queen crown, however, in order to accomplish all this Faith has to find a guy whom will be willing to play the part of her quote, unquote "new boyfriend." As Faith narrows down her choices she finds out that her childhood friend and neighbor Adrian Gunther has just gotten humiliatingly dumped by his girlfriend for an older and much cooler guy. Faith decides to bury the hatchet upon hearing this and calls Adrian to propose her plan at first Adrian refuses but after realizing that hooking up with a popular girl would make his ex mad with fury he agrees to the charade. Soon, Faith and Adrian start acting like "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" making sure that they're convincing and making their exes miss them and as their plan proceeds it seems to be doing just that, however, a problem starts growing as Faith and Adrian start remembering their long forgotten friendship and instead of pretending to fall in love with each other slowly but surely end up fall in love for real.

The Goddess Sisters

Who needs friends or enemies when you have a sister?

Ever since they were little Diana & Venus Saums a.k.a the Goddess Sisters had been stars competing for fame and fortune. Diana with her many acting roles, activist jobs for women's rights and children, along with her high-and-mighty attitude, endless list of boyfriends (often at the same time), hot-temperedness, and tantalizing wit constantly battling her younger sister Venus's singing career, modeling jobs, her sponsoring for the fight against drugs and gang violence, her goddess-like beauty, incredible fashion taste, her choosy taste in boyfriends, vicious mood swings, and her impeccable manipulative strategies for always getting things her way. The sister were rivals in almost everything family traits, breeding, popularity, help towards the public, looks, personalities, even their beliefs. Although, there came many a time when the sister were pitted against one another somehow and in some way they still manage to be loyal to one another. When Venus's engagement gets broken Diana is the first to support her sister's decision and trash her ex-fiancé's name in the tabloids and the time where a bunch of TV show hosts trash Diana about her acting, and philandering ways Venus is always quoted "to tell those (censored) witches to shut the (censored) hell up!" This is a dramatized comedic story about how two sisters despite their fame & fortune still manage to bicker, support, encourage, and love one another like regular siblings.


Sometimes the one thing you can't do is the one thing that you can do best

Susannah Lamothe had never had an easy life so naturally she didn't expect one to just waltz right into her lap, which is why she learned how to play basketball, joins her high school's varsity team, and aims for a sports scholarship with the WNBA but just as she thinks that life can not get any harder she learns that in order to get the scholarship she'll have to go to Texas to try out and the fare to get there is more than a thousand dollars not to mention the food and housing fees! Trying to earn some quick money while figuring out what the hell she should do; she gets a job as a janitor at a local dance school that teaches tango. Here she meets the school's reigning Latin Dances male champion Sergio Montezuma and automatically learns to hate him. However, while Sergio is discussing replacements with the owner of the school he sees Susannah hanging out in the parking lot with her friends playing basketball and then do a bit of a mocking version of how he and his students do the cha-cha but much to his surprise Sergio sees a remarkable talent for dancing in Susannah so with the promise of a 60 percent cut of the Grand Prize money Susannah agrees to be Sergio's partner but while they practice time and again Susannah begins to see her own potential as a dancer which not only dismays her friends, and teammates, but her father as well whom has dreamed and groomed her for a life of ball playing. If that is not difficult enough Susannah soon realizes she is falling in love with Sergio and he with her soon Susannah must make a decision to give up on the one dream she has had for as long as she can remember or take a once-in-a-lifetime shot at doing what she loves with the person she loves just as much.

Two Suns, Two Worlds

If separate worlds were never meant to mix they wouldn't have existed in the first place.

In Humboldt city things are very different not because of the weather, the living conditions, or schools but because of the people living in Humboldt several Indian races live amongst white people and although they are free and considered American citizens the whites refuse to acknowledge the Indians as they're own and vice versa. Firefly Moses, daughter of the late chief Night Owl, and Joseph Abernathy, youngest son of the county sheriff, are two such people that are proud of their heritage and want nothing to do with the other race. Unfortunately, they are forced to mix with one another by going to the same county high school, St. Augustine's High, where Joseph is the MVP of the football team, the valedictorian, the highest ranking G.P.A student of the four classes, and best looking guy around and Firefly is considered a role-model for the Hoopa and Yuok students by proudly showing off her native heritage with Indian beads dangling in her hair, correcting teachers in class whenever they mispronounce a tribal name or get a Native American history fact wrong, wearing tribal clothing to school, and organizing Native American events. Naturally, Joseph & Firefly are enemies and do everything they possibly can to avoid one another and their ways but when Joseph is caught during a prank on the reservation he is sentenced to doing 72 hours of volunteer work with Firefly as his supervisor. Annoyed but obedient Joseph begrudgingly performs his duties but as he works with Firefly he grows more interested in the Native American world and in her as well. Firefly develops feelings for Joseph as well but refuses to give in to him for fear of compromising her lifelong desire to marry one of her own and become the next chief of her tribe but despite that she and Joseph grows closer, which is soon noticed by one of Firefly's suitors, Hunting Eagle, whom plots to destroy their happy union.

The Piper

Based on the Classic Children's story

Not every fairy tale is a lie

"In the year 1284 a mysterious man appeared in Hameln wearing a coat of many colors, for which he was called the Pied Piper," that is how Sally Bell's Grandmother would begin the story whenever she visited her in Germany the story of a rat catcher that was promised a certain sum in exchange for riding the city of all mice and rats. The story continued with the citizens striking a deal, promising him a certain large price and with that the strange man pulled a small fife (pipe) from his pocket and began to blow on it. Rats and mice immediately came from every house and gathered around him. When he thought that he had them all he led them to the River Weser where he pulled up his clothes and walked into the water. The animals all followed him, fell in, and drowned. "However," as Sally's Grandmother ended the story in an ominous tone, "the townsfolk soon regretted having promised so much money, and, using all kinds of excuses, they refused to pay him so the piper left bitter and angry but he returned on June 26, Saint John's and Saint Paul's Day, early in the morning at seven o'clock now dressed in a hunter's costume, with a dreadful look on his face and wearing a strange red hat. He sounded his fife in the streets, but this time it wasn't rats and mice that came to him, but rather children: a great number of boys and girls from their fourth year on. He led them into a mountain, where he disappeared with them as was seen by a babysitter whom was carrying a child in her arms. She had followed them from a distance, but had then turned around and to carry the heart wrenching news back to the town. The anxious parents ran to the town gates seeking their children. The mothers cried out and sobbed pitifully. Within the hour messengers were sent everywhere by water and by land inquiring if the children -- or any of them -- had been seen, but it was all for naught. One hundred thirty children were lost that dreadful day when they were all led by a mysterious flute play that led them into a cave within a hill." Here her Grandmother would end the story every time she told it and Sally with her best friend Leasel would toddle off into the forest where this cave is still shown and two stone monuments in the form of crosses have been erected there, one on the left side and one on the right. Some say that the children were led into a cave, and that they came out again in Transylvania. Hameln, the childless town, recorded this event in their town register, and they came to date all their proclamations according to the years and days since the loss of their children and the following lines were inscribed on the town hall:

In the year 1284 after the birth of Christ
From Hameln were led away
One hundred thirty children, born at this place
Led away by a piper into a mountain.

Sally and Leasel loved that story just as much as they loved each other they were two best friends whom had met during Sally's first visit to Germany and had been inseparable since then. Often they would listen to the story of the mysterious piper monster and go off to where the children had "disappeared" and pledged to stay together forever but on a cold winter's night on the eve of the anniversary of the vanished children of Hameln Sally awoke to some mysterious music and saw her best friend along with the other children in the town wandering away into the darkness. She followed and called her friend's name but to no avail and discovered not her friend but the hideous form of the piper whom led the children away years ago. The next morning she awoke in her bed not harmed or cold but deeply saddened by the cries of sorrow from the parents that had lost their young ones this was the last time Sally would ever visit the town Hameln where her Grandmother lived and where her best friend in the whole world had been spirited away.

But upon the death of her Grandmother Sally feels compelled to visit the town once again accompanied by her husband, Roy, they go to make the arrangements and leave as quickly as possible but as soon as Sally and Roy arrive there strange things begin to happen. Rats are found hidden in their bed, music is heard in the dead of the night, a mysterious figure begins appearing at random, but most strange and terrifying of all Sally sees her friend Leasel appearing before her still a child after more than ten years! The couple dismisses these events as figments of their mind but much to their horror learn that the story of the piper is indeed true and by the mayor's foolish mistake to extend the town into where the children had disappeared had freed the evil spirit to once again seek his revenge. Sally realizes that it is up to her and Roy to free the town and the stolen children from the piper's evil clutches but just as she is near to finding the solution she discovers that the piper has come back not just to seek his revenge but to finish his previous job by taking the one child that got away: Sally herself!

Marital Temptation

Can love really last forever?

Kayla & Monty Jackson had been married for 34 years, with three children, successful careers, and were in complete harmony with one another except their sex life left something to be desired and desire is exactly what seem to come next for as Monty is preparing for his promotion to be co-executive of his company he meets a striking young lady that soon begins to tempt him with her seductive ways. Ironically, at the same time this is going on Kayla meets a young handsome teacher at her college and becomes the sole object of many of his flirtations. Soon these causal attractions grow stronger for Kayla and Monty and while they are enjoying their second chances at youth they feel torn by their love and loyalty to each other, however, when Monty is tempted to bed by his beautiful new secretary he rejects her remembering how much he loves Kayla and wants to be with her. Kayla is put in the same situation late one night in her classroom and just like her husband she rejects her co-worker's advances. This is a story about two people whom spite of temptation, second chances, losing hopes and dreams, their jobs, and feeling young again come together when it really counts by remembering what's really important: their love.

Voyage of the Red Dragon

A pirate's life is for everyone

Captain Johnny Dragon may not have been the fiercest pirate to sail the seven seas, or the most well-known and feared but he was determined to change his reputation that is so off he sails into Port Royal, Jamaica rounding up his old crew to set sail on his ship the Black Dragon but as perfectly things seem to be going Johnny discovers three flies in the ointment disguised as new-comers to his crew: his nephew Jake Triton, Lord Lucas Sullivan, and Jillian (Gil) Strafford. Although, Johnny does not like having three new young people aboard his ship during his most important and possibly his final sea voyage he decides to make the best of it and journey on and so the three new crewmembers became a part of the Red Dragon crew before long they begin to bond with the crew and their reasons for joining the voyage begin to surface like Jake Triton whom lost his dear father in a terrible sea battle that he himself witnessed and how he dreams of one day finding the mysterious man that took his father's life, owning his own ship and crew, and sailing across the ocean having many adventures as for Lord Lucas Sullivan he is the son of a British lord and is well-educated in sword-fighting, languages, and gentlemanly manners but instead of using them in the political world as his father wishes he longs to travel the world sailing from country to country and making a name for himself in the pirating world. Last but not least, the reasons for joining the Black Dragon of Jillian (Gil) Strafford born and raised an aristocrat one would presume that she would have nothing to do with this life but unbeknownst to some Gil dreams of freedom from the chains of lady-hood, and marriage although she fights this fate almost all her life she finally gives in at her mother's request and becomes Lord Lucas's fiancé, however, three nights before her wedding Gil's mother disappears and seeing as she is the only family Gil has ever known she vows to find her so she cuts her hair to that of a boyish one, changes her clothes, skips out on her wedding (without telling Lucas!), and seeks out a ship to sail on. On the Red Dragon is where our characters finally meet and although there are some hostilities between them, Lucas feeling rejected by Gil, Jake falling in love with Gil, and Gil being torn between the two of them and determined to find her mother; they continue to sail in peace but it is on a spooky island that is the dwelling of a voodoo priestess where the real adventure begins. Captain Johnny Dragon is not a young man anymore and being a pirate for longer than Blackbeard or Anne Bonney he is upset that many people know better of them than of him therefore he is determined to seek the ultimate treasure and make his name legendary throughout the known world so he goes to the priestess to ask of the whereabouts of Davy Jones's treasure; the one that damned him to eternal hell being that of the undead sailing upon his ship collecting souls to be his crewman, and was supposedly the collection of half the riches of Europe, twelve Arabian Sultans, jewels of the lost kingdoms of Africa, and gold of a thousand Aztec priests a treasure to end all treasures knowing that such a discovery would make his name legendary Johnny goes to the priestess to ask how to find it and she tells him that he will indeed find the treasure but find danger and death to be its price tag despite that Johnny persists and the priestess tells of a map guarded by carnivorous demons that will lead them to where the treasure is guarded but also warn them of Davy Jones's ship whenever it approaches for should they insist on taking the treasure so shall Davy Jones fight to prevent them.

The adventure continues with the stealing of the map from the demonic island (which at this point has, ironically, become one of the richest provinces of England), the rescuing of a gypsy from a band of cutthroats by Lucas, the meeting of the evil devil of the sea Davy Jones himself and he pursuing them, and finally the discovering of the great treasure and the killing of Davy Jones. If these problems not be hard enough for the crew to deal with there are others that arise like Jake developing a rivalry with his uncle, thinking that Johnny prefers Gil to Jake as his protégé, and eventually falling in love with Gil! Lucas falling in love with Isabella the gypsy he rescues and having to finally turn his back on his father, and Gil realizing the terrible truth about her mother and having to choose between her and the lives of the crew but most especially discovering that she is secretly Davy Jones's daughter! Suspense, mystery, love, and plenty of swashbuckling await you when you join Captain Johnny's crew and go on the grand voyage of the Red Dragon.

La Samba

Dare to dream, dare to hope, dare to live, and dare to la samba

Sally "La Samba" Reynolds was the best Latino dancer ever and she knew it! She could do any dance step, to any beat, with any partner, at any time. She had won more gold medals and titles then she could count and was even being considered as a new addition to the dancers' hall of fame. It was plain to see that Sally felt she was living the good life and also thought that nothing could damage her rise to the top or her career but unfortunately it as she is competing with her boyfriend and favorite partner Almanzo Olsson that the meteors finally begin to fall via her twisting her ankle during a difficult step in her routine, falling down in front of everyone, hearing that Almanzo is dropping her for a new partner which turns out to be her biggest rival, and then discovering from her doctor that should she ever dance again she'll probably be crippled for life! Suddenly the all-time champion becomes the all-time nobody but just as Sally is starting to sink into despair her Dad decides to take her to a lakeside resort. At first, Sally is apprehensive but seeing as there is probably nothing else for her to do she agrees and packs her bags.

So off go Sally and her dad to the Moonlit Paradise Lakeside Resort Sally trying to figure out what do with her life and her Dad trying to figure out how he can help his daughter cope with the loss of her dream. As soon as they arrive there they meet the resort owner and his son but most importantly Sally meets the resort dance instructor Gustav Phillipe. Sally tries to keep a low profile but seeing Gus parade his fantastic dancing skills and his superb womanizing talent automatically wins him a hated place in her heart but when she is invited to the Rumba club and is pulled onto the dance floor by Johnny (Gus's assistant and best friend) she forgets about her secrecy, condition, hiding her skills from Gus and dances as perfectly as the champ she used to be.

Gus, of course, is puzzled by all this for he is under the impression that Sally doesn't like to dance but then he finds an old dancing magazine and automatically realizes who Sally really is. Sally is not happy about this and tries to avoid being acknowledged as the former Sally "La Samba" as best as she can but when she hears about the resort being closed down due to debts ranked in by the manager's son whom has been hitting on Sally she decides to put away her insecurities of her old career and enter the National Latin Dances with Gus as her partner. Soon Gus learns more about Sally's life, her sudden disdain for dancing a.k.a the accident, and begins to grow closer to her. Although Sally wants nothing to do with dancing anymore and especially Gus she starts to soften in her hatred of him when she learns how hard his life was before he came to the resort eventually their mutual respect grows deeper and becomes love.

However, Sally's Dad learns of his daughter's dancing and forbids her to compete in the nationals now Sally must choose to stay on the sidelines and give up on her dreams or dance the night away with Gus and risk crippling her body forever?