A/N: okay, so if any of the Learning to Love Again reviewers read this, dont worry, I'm not letting go of that story just yet!! I'm going to finish that! This was just something that popped into my head and I just wanted to write it down so I wont forget it.

And for all who just read one of my works, I hope you'll like it!

Girl's point of view.

It was a very innocent meeting. It was never supposed to mean anything. I mean, how could it, right? We were complete strangers. Complete strangers who just happened to notice each other because of a bizarrely mundane reason.

He gave me the change I had forgotten about after buying my ice cream cone. Makes you laugh, doesn't it? Here I am, telling you about some guy who just handed me the change I had forgotten all about. I mean, who cares? Yeah, who cares! Who cares. That's what I've been trying to tell myself ever since that incident. Ever since the day we locked eyes. And now, those same eyes are burned in my mind. Every time I close my eyes I see his. That's so stupid, right?

Sigh. Wish it was to me. I cant help it. I swear, that was the first time I ever felt like I did when I looked at him. When his hand brushed mine as he gave me the money. Like my stomach was being raided my a hungry mob of intestine eating butterflies. Like my legs had been injected with anesthesia and were turned into nothing but wobbly jelly.

Okay, so obvious I'm exaggerating. But you know what I mean. And I have a feeling he felt the same way I did because he took an awful long time letting go of the money. Or maybe it was just because. Just because. I can never be sure, I guess.

But, oh god, he was gorgeous. The eyes were the first thing that caught my attention. Calm, deep blue that sucked you in into a different world. Not too light that it might make him look gay, nor too dark. Just right. Just freaking perfect.

Then his face. He had a strong set jaw, that showed he was a determined, powerful guy. A cute little nose and medium full lips completed the look.

He had been wearing a checkered blue shirt, with a white undershirt showing from under the first two open button, and dark baggy jeans with a silver chain hanging from the right side. And a pair of black and white sneakers.

I just saw him for a few seconds, yet his entire image is glued in my mind with superglue slobbered all over it. If I had been alone, I probably would have stalked him all over the mall. Okay, maybe not, but once again, you know what I mean. Problem was, I was not alone.

I was with the worst possible company for a situation like this. My boyfriend. Yeah, well, that's the insy winsy little setback in this whole romantic scenario. My boyfriend.

No, don't take this in a bad way, I love him! It's just, this other guy… well, he's just a teenage crush, that's all! In a few days, I'll forget all about him and his beautiful eyes and we'll all go back to our normal life, minus that fantasy guy.

Yeah. Right.

Guy's point of view.

I would have never imagined money would be a way of meeting someone. Never. I mean, that's so… weird. Imagine telling your kids and grandkids that you met your wife because of a humble piece of dollar. Okay, wait, why I'm I going that far? Jeez, dude, you barely know the girl and… Okay, okay, calm down.

It's just… that face. That cute, angelic face. Chocolate brown eyes, soft lips, rosy cheeks and straight bangs falling over it. So… awesome. And that body, oh my god, gorgeous. What else can I say? That's all I needed to see to get me obsessed. Well, not really obsessed since, well, I don't even know her name nor number, nor what school she goes to. Seriously, I would have asked her. But she was this guy and I just… well, I hesitated. And in that moment of hesitation she was gone. That guy could have been anyone. Her brother, her cousin, or maybe a good friend. But, what if it had been her boyfriend? Boy, I would have been in a right mess.

Although I did see her again. A couple of times. But before I actually realized that it was her she was gone again. God, how could anyone be so—

Hold on, someone's calling.

Hello? Oh hey, baby. Nah, I'm just on my computer right now. Huh? Oh, yeah, playing games. You know me. That's all I do. Hehe. Yeah. Sure, why not? Tomorrow's fine with me. No prob. Yeah, hey, I'm kinda on the verge of finally beating my brother's high score so… yeah. Thanks, babe. Bye. Love you too.

Right, now where was I? Yeah, her. You have no idea. That girl has taken my breath away. Literally. She's on my mind day and night and it's just completely weird as we have never even have talked yet and it's totally creeping me—

What? That girl? Now which girl are you talking about? Oooooh, you mean the girl on the phone? Oh, jeez, that's just my… girlfriend. Yeah, right, um… you see, that's the whole problem. I'm… attached. Not single.

No! I am not cheating on her, shut up! This isn't called cheating! Come on, I barely know that mall girl's name, how in the world can you call this cheating? And why would I cheat on my girlfriend anyway? I love her! This whole thing with that mall girl is just… curiosity! Yeah! Just tell me her name and number and school and I'll go back to living my normal life with my girlfriend and my friends and everything will be okay again.

Yeah right.