I love break-ups. There's a certain feeling in the air when one breaks up with another that I crave. Obviously, relationships don't last long with me. I let them drag painfully for a month or so, then the fun stuff begins. I am considered by my peers as a tease and a slut, but the worse part is, I like it.

My first was Jake. He was my best friend's brother and I spent most of puberty coveting him. However, when I finally had him, I dropped him quickly. He was too reserved. After Jake, there was Cal; he was too sexual. Robbie was immature. Henry was too old; I was sixteen, he was twenty-seven. I left Tyson for the sake of his other girlfriend. Sam just annoyed me. Cody was depressive. Blaire and I were two totally different people.

It had been a couple weeks since I left Blaire crying on his porch, and I was ready for fresh meat. I hadn't been on the prowl when I walked into the CD store, but as soon as I saw the hunk behind the counter, my ignition was switched on.

I grabbed a copy of a little known band and walked up to make my move. My hair was perfect, my make-up was flawlesss, my boobs were perky; there was no way he'd be able to look anywhere else.

"Hi," He smiled, revealing a row of perfect, gleaming teeth. I showed off my own expensive dental work, pleased with the knowledge that soon I would be able to run my hands through his adorably messy black hair. From here on, it was full-throttle persuing. I couldn't wait for the break-up.