Hello, all who wish to read this twisted collection of stories. This will be a sort of side project for me, for I only have one active project. The stories here will be a motley crew, consisting of sci-fi, suspense, supernatural, and horror. Let me know if their any good!

Chapter 1

Define the Great Line

What if you knew a secret that had the potential to change the world? A great discovery has fallen into your lap and you have to let the world know. Unfortunately, the discovery may have the potential to destroy as well. Would you keep it to yourself?

Dr. Vernon Armistand was slumped over onto his desk, obviously exhausted from a hard day's work. Armistand was a scientist in the biochemistry wing of an important laboratory. He was working on something very hard, and had been for a while. He mostly kept it to himself, though.

"Working hard?" asked Dr. Kimberly Hannah as she leaned upon his open doorway.

"Oh, hey Kim. Yeah, I've been getting close to a breakthrough. But it shouldn't concern you. I'm sure your biology homework has got you busy," said Armistand. He was correct about Kim-she was a researcher in marine biology and had a big project she was working on. But they being cousins, she naturally felt like helping out.

"You sure you don't need any help? I've got some free time…"

"No, I'm good. Thanks, though," interrupted Armistand. He got up and hustled down the hallway into another hallway in the complex.

Kim knew she shouldn't, but she walked over to Vern's desk and took a peek at his notes. She had been trying to sneak a peek at Vern's experiments. He had a lot of notes written down about brain wave activity, but nothing looked too impressive…until she discovered a small post-it on one of the pieces of paper. It read:

Stimulant test 9 nonresponsive. Brainwave activity still reading normal. Remember to get ATP analysis.

It looked as though he had been testing some type of stimulant, perhaps a natural steroid. ATP is the molecule of energy in all living organisms. It's pretty much the end result of eating. The body processes the sugars and proteins in the cells, and ATP is produced, fueling the body. But the peculiar thing was what it had to do with brainwave activity. It didn't have an immediate connection.

Kim put down the papers and made sure to leave everything the way it was. She would have to trust Vern until he made his experiments known.


Vern was still in the laboratory at 1 A.M. Usually the place was closed, but he had the keys to the rooms necessary to his studies. He walked into his own laboratory and began frantically searching through some drawers.

"Ah, here it is," he said as he grabbed a key from the drawer. He carefully walked over to a sturdy locked storage cabinet and twisted the key within. As the lock clicked open, he grabbed a small vial. He methodically placed the syringe into his arm and placed everything back the way it was. He began to write on his laptop.

The enhancer that I have been working on is quite the discovery. For years I have been searching for a way to access the ninety percent of brain activity that eludes the human species. Just think, if I could raise the human awareness just a tenth of a percent, there could be unlimited potential.

Many agree that the untapped activity is mainly used to operate the body's thousands of functions. I am attempting to use this stimulant to increase brain activity enough to be able to mentally control the body's release of Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP. This molecule is the resulting product of eating, as it fuels the rest of the body's activity. Just think, being to convert the molecules of energy to heat, and then release the heat through the body!

It's not far fetched, I tell you. I have been testing it on myself. I have recently gained the ability to create my own dreams during sleep. Although this is simply mental, it indicates an increase in brain activity. This was confirmed by my tests, which show a one twenty fifth percent increase. Tomorrow, we shall see what the dosage does.

The Next Day

It was six o'clock in the morning when Dr. Hannah signed in for work. She was usually the first person to sign in, but today the door was left slightly ajar. As she warily walked through the entrance, she couldn't help but sense something was wrong. The lights were all off, but she noticed as small beam of light coming from Dr. Armistand's office. She snuck up to the entrance and saw Dr. Armistand collapsed on the floor.

"Oh, Lord. Vern! Vern, wake up!" she shouted while holding his head in her arms. He was a beet red, and his eyes were almost rolled back in his head. She searched his desk for a thermometer and quickly found one.

"107.8! We have got to get you on ice!" She left the room to try to find a coolant, but when she came back to the room, he was sitting up and drinking a soda.

"What just happened?" asked Dr. Hannah frantically.

"Uhh, I guess I fell asleep. I'm good now, my fever has broken," said Armistand in a shaking tone. Hannah knew that he was lying, which was why she had taken something from his office while she was searching for a thermometer. She decided to let him be and ask another colleague for advice. She walked to another wing of the compound.

"Hey, Dwayne, I need you to look at this. It's one of Vern's disks. I swiped it from his laptop in his office," said Kim.

"Is it important?" asked Dwayne, who was one of the more experienced scientists.

"Yes." The two walked into Dwayne's office and examined the file, and they were both flabbergasted.

"This could step us up an evolutionary stage! This is possibly the greatest discoveries in history!" said Dwayne.

"Yeah, but he's testing it on himself. He had a near fatal fever earlier today, but he recovered dramatically. I'm not sure if he will be able to take it." Dwayne had a very concerned look on his face.

"Was it something I said?" asked Kim.

"No, it's these formulas on Vern's program. He's off on one of them. This could spell disaster, and based on what you said, it has already started. We need to get to Vern now!"

Back In Vern's Office

"I'm so close to reaching breakthrough…" said Vern as he concentrated on expelling the energy through his body. He held a frozen dessert from a vending machine and began to try to melt it. Slowly but surely it began to drip. Then it dripped faster and faster!

"It's working!" said Vern just as Dwayne and Kim arrived.

"Stop it, now! You're hurting yourself!" yelled Kim.

"Kim, look at me! I can create a heat field around my body!" said Vern as he began to increase the temperature around him. Kim and Dwayne began to feel the heat.

"Vern, listen to me. You've made a mistake! By your calculations, you've given yourself an overdose. Your control will begin to weaken as your capacity increases. We have got to get you hooked up to life support until the dosage wears off!" said Dwayne.

"You…you want to prevent me from this. I won't listen to your lies!" said Vern. He began to expel more and more heat until it got hard to breathe in the room. Suddenly, Vern felt something crack. He immediately stopped the energy stream.

"Something's…wrong…" mumbled Vern as his molecular structure began to break down. His bodily functions slowly began to shut down as his brain activity increased. He found it harder and harder to concentrate on controlling the systems as there were far to many to control at once. His digestive, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems began to shut down, and his cells began to break apart. His bones began to break down, and his fingers began to fall off. His eyes turned blood red and began bleeding profusely.

"I've screwed up big time," said Vern as he collapsed on the ground. Dwayne went over to try and help him, while Kim broke down and began crying. Dwayne grabbed his arm, but it slipped out of his grasp as the skin had become almost a liquid.

Vern lay there, and slowly disintegrated into a pool of brown liquid. Dwayne was sitting next to the pool in shock. He got up and called the paramedics. There would be a long legal process and an ever more difficult political process to come. He walked over to Kim and started comforting her.

"I'm sorry. I guess that in life, you have a lot of lines to draw. Sometimes you have to know where to draw them, otherwise it will be too late."