Child of the Elements

Out of darkness, comes light,
Into water, fire goes,
and with earth comes wind.

Swords and souls clash in a timeless tale
of war.
A soldier stands alone among the chaos,
weeping for her fallen man.
Up creeps the burning revenge that she
had so steadily swept away.

Her eyes, a blaze with an unearthly glow,
survey the damage done by greed, murder,
and arrogance.
All for the sake of wealth and power.
Across the field, strewn with the bodies of the
fallen, she strode with a purpose.

With a leadened heart of ice, all that was
left her mortal soul was a withered thing
that all but cried for revenge.

The lone warrior knew of what would be
the cost for the one thing that she so
desperately pursued, eternal
damnation of what was left of her soul.

The cost would not matter for at least she would
get what she desired. The sky was darkening
with the blood of the dead,
marking the rest of that fateful
day as a one that would be remembered by
generations on.

The earth was a glow with shooting stars,
gleaming as if the souls of the departed.

The child, the innocent, the girl, the messenger,
and the woman, the warrior, would have their
vengeance of that bloody marked day, for
all the suffering that was, is, and will be.

At the end, everything will fall into place
The dead would not have died in vain or
the the weeping child shed tears for lost

The one who has to cause for all the
bloodshed, justice will wreaked upon her,
by the very one who she sought to destroy
in her crusade of destruction.

Back into light, the darkness creeps,
Onto fire, water drenches,
and forever wind chases earth.