Life was breathed back into her. She had been sent back to right the wrongs that had stood before her. Her soul was now complete. The piece that had been missing restored upon her resurrection. Though she had been born and lived without it, she had recognized it. The part of herself that was truly the daughter of her birth mother.

The side of herself that held so much anger and thirst for revenge. Shadows sprang forth at her call, rejoicing in their newfound mistress. The flesh that had been marred by wounds was restored to an even more brilliant tone. Her hair came unraveled from its binding, falling down her back. Twilight blue eyes surveyed her surroundings. They rested upon the frozen figure that stood before her. Staring at it with malice in their cool depths. Never had she felt such a strong emotion to inflict pain to the one who done so to her.

This poor soul would recieve no mercy and will be punished as she so deserves. The screams of the people it had tortured sounding in her thoughts forever. She would send it to the one person who would punish her for what it did, her mother.