Let it go now

Days became nights each days,
Sit near the bedroom window
Heard only clock tick tack and music is on too loud
Wait for the phone call to heard his voice
Call her, "Hey babe what's up?"

All she gives him everything he wants
Now he's gone! Now he's with new girlfriend.
She ends up cried for hours!
She screamed out so loud, "Why?"
She is now hurt and lost over him!
Let it go now, sweetie.

She thinks he's the one for him.
Still wait for him to return to her!
Her friends says let it go now, Jade.
She shook her head and walk away.

Now she realises he won't come back.
All she does is let it go now.
All she does is burn the memories she had with him.
One day she will find someone worth who will love her and give her what she wants.