I promised my friends, so I've gotta do it.

I'm writing a story about all of us when we've grown up and apart…and then we all get back together for a school reunion (though I don't think our school does them…lol).

Here we go!

The setting: I take you about twenty years into the future…

And so the story begins…

-Sa x33


Shania Clare

(Sara Comeau)

Running a hand through my long blonde hair, I sighed in frustration and walked away, my blue eyes cast down. No one needed to see the stupid tears I was about to cry.

I stuck my hand up, and a huge swarm of taxis seemed to ignore me and my tiny self, zooming past. I groaned, and stuck two fingers in my mouth. I whistled, and one, seemingly generous, cab-driver pulled over to the curb. Not to pick me up, I soon found out, but to drop someone else off. I ran up quickly, and pulled the door open before they could drive off. "Twenty-fourth and Third," I said to the man. He nodded and pressed his foot to the pedal.

I wiped a tear, and looked out the window distractedly. "Miss, are you alright?" the kind man asks, staring at me from his review mirror. I nodded and pulled out my MP3 Player, putting in the ear-phones and maximizing the volume.

The rain started falling, and I noted that it could have been worse, and that I could have been caught in the rain. I checked the meter, and nodded at the average price.

Times Square is always a cheering sight, no matter what the weather. The people, even in the rain, litter the streets, and it's always such an enjoyable sight. Having lived here (temporarily, I'm always telling myself) for two years, I'm accustomed to most of the glamour. But there will always be things that puzzle me.

The driver dropped me off, and before I reached over to pay him, his elbow accidentally hit something that caused the meter to clear. "Oops," he said innocently. "I guess that one's on me." I smiled gratefully. "Any time."

I got out of the yellow vehicle, and headed over to the brick apartment building, shivering in the wetness. I'd known it would rain, so I was wearing a rain-jacket, but I was still chilled a bit.

Instead of going in the normal way and dealing with all the hustle and bustle, I'd taken to climbing the fire-escape up to my third-story apartment.

Soon as I got up to my room, I pulled open my kitchen window, and slid inside. My bum landed on the counter, but all I needed to do was slide off and I'd be in the actual apartment.

That's about when I burst into full-throttle tears. I was crying my heart out over this.

It was the third audition in two days I'd been rejected…based mainly on appearance.

Well, I've always been a bit on the short side, and on Broadway, you just can't get a part in a play if you're too small for it.

Silent tears streaming down my cheeks, I got into my flannel pajama bottoms and pulled on a huge tee shirt. I snuggled up with a pillow and hugged it as I walked into my kitchen again, picking up the pile of mail on the doormat.

"Bill…bill…letter from Mum…" I mumbled as I flipped through the envelopes. "Ohh…what's this?" I put the rest of the pile down and picked up the letter. "HFS…HFS…HFS! That's….that's…what is that? It rings a big bell…"

I ripped the envelope open and pulled out the paper.

I smiled upon reading it through. Just what I needed.

A good pick-me-up.

Skyler Kent

(Sarah Jasper)

"Kamili Kent, come here this instant!" How many times a day do I find myself saying that? Thousands. Kamili definitely doesn't take after me.

Mili has always been a bit reckless, and she's always trying to catch me with my guard down. I shook my head as she made her way over, smiling sweetly. "What, Mommy?" she asked, using a tone she knew was totally cute-to-the-extreme.

"Mili, you know how I feel about that word."

She bit her lip. "I'm sorry, Mommy." She set her gaze on my toes…a clever maneuver, I must say. That girl has some serious skills at weaseling her way out of trouble. "I shouldn't have said that."

"Alright, well, don't let me catch you saying it again. Understood?" She nodded. "Go ahead and play, then."

I watched my little girl run off across the playground to goof off with her friends and smiled. She looks so much like her father.

Devan and I have been married for five happy years. We've only got the one child; Kamili Rose Kent.

She's five, and takes almost completely about a distant relative that I've never met. She's almost the complete opposite of Devan and I. Where Dev and I are both somewhat civilized, calm, and collected, Mili's wild, unkempt (no matter how hard I try), and occasionally pig-headed. She's got Devan's dark hair, but (thankfully) it's not nearly as messy, and she's got my facial features. Perfect pearly white teeth, and a rosy complexion. She's got a flexible array of features, and can wield them to her will…mostly for the causes of evil.

As I watched my only daughter go down the slide an umpteenth time, I reflected on the letter I'd received this morning, from my elementary and Jr. High school.

Dear Mrs. Kent,

You and your husband are cordially invited to attend our annual reunion party for the class of 2011. We have invited all members of the seventh and eight grade class of your year.

Please note that this is a formal event; proper attire is preferred.

We hope that you will be able to attend this get-together.


The Staff of HFS

Dev and I were going, obviously. It was a chance for our Jr. High 'gang' to re-unite and swap-stories.

I hadn't seen my two ex-best-friends in almost twenty years. It would be a good reunion.

Mili came running over to me a few minutes later. "Mommy," she said slowly, "on the way here, I saw an ice-cream store."

"I'm assuming you've got some sort of proposition for me?" I asked suspiciously.

"Actually," –she allowed herself a sly grin- "I was wondering if we could go get some ice-cream."

"Hmm…and the reason I should take you up there is because…?" I asked, smiling at the look of thought spread across her face.

"Because you love me?" Ding! Right answer.

"Good answer, kiddo," I said, ruffling her hair and ruining her pigtails.

Kaelyn Hewitt

(Kelsey Hurley)

You can only watch this so many times before you pull your hair out, I thought to myself as I watched a student of mine, Ali Morel, attempt a heelclick for the fiftieth time that afternoon. She was eleven, and had been doing irish step for six years.

"Als, I think we oughta call it quits for the day, okay?" She nodded tiredly, and I offered to drive her home. She mumbled something about walking and was gone before I could say 'Alright'.

It's just so frustrating, I thought, to watch her do it and be unable to show her the correct way. Two years ago, I had damaged my ankle during a Riverdance performance. I had been accepted a year before that, and it was my debut.

Alas, that one accident had called me to fall back on my certificate to teach dance. It hadn't been necessary; my husband provides enough of an income for the both of us.

I'm dating Jason Truce. I know, I know. The Jason Truce. Five-time Grammy winner, two-time Oscar winner, and one time Kaelyn winner. Yeah, I'm dating an actor.

I lead a fantasy life. I love Jason, but I've always had it grounded into my system that I was going to marry someone famous and mooch off of them; it was my destiny. My fate.

The same accident had caused me to lose a friend, too. Shania Clare. She and I were the tightest…well, after Skyler got married to Devan. They went off and left us, so naturally Shani and I clung to each other madly.

Then I got hurt, and I was medicated for a while. And all the time I was in the hospital, Shani had gotten into a show somewhere in New York, and she'd moved. Without saying good-bye, or even telling me where she was going to.

That's one of the many reasons I was so keen on going to tomorrow night's reunion. Jason refused to attend it with me, but I knew I was going. I was gonna see all my friends, and I would be able to trade tales with them all.

"Lyn?" called the familiar voice of Jason, using his nickname for me. "You gonna be around tonight?"

"Uhm…I've got to go dress-shopping…for the reunion…you know, the one tomorrow?" He nodded briefly, before turning to face my wall-length mirror.

Jason has always been doted on for his good looks. He's got the perfect length brown hair, and he's got an adorable face. Astoundingly, he's always got a tan, and his body…his body…well, let's just say that that's personal.

"I'll give you two hundred."

"Okay." I walked over to him and placed my hands on his shoulders. "Baby, is anything wrong?"

"No, no," –he shook his head- "nothing's wrong. I just hoped that you'd be around tonight is all."

"Don't worry; I'll be around to make you breakfast tomorrow!" He smiled, and I returned it. "I'm gonna go shower, and then I'm heading out."

"Need any help?" he called up the stairs eagerly as I headed to our house that was connected to the dance-studio.

"No!" I giggled. Guys have such one-track minds.

Arya Mallett

(Alyssa McEachren)

I twirled in front of the mirror in the flowing purple gown one last time before nodding. "This'll work, Nate."

"Great." Nathan smiled tightly at me and headed off in the opposite direction, leaving me alone with my thoughts. My brown hair was let down in graceful curls arching down my back, and the purple spaghetti-strap dress was accentuating every hip, every curve. It was perfect. The V-neck top section revealed less than a slutty amount, but more than a wholesome girl would reveal about herself. I knew it was risky, considering I hadn't seen half the class once since graduation, but I also knew that I'd be able to pull it off.

Modeling just gives you that kind of confidence.

I became a model after I dropped out of High School. It was too much work, and I already knew what I wanted to do with my life.

I've been the cover-girl of the hottest magazine this century, Shine Magazines, for three and a half years. Nathan, my agent, says that I've got a raw talent, and that's why I'm the star.

I was super-excited about the reunion party, because I knew most of my old friends would be there. There would be…Candie, Shania, Kaelyn, Skyler, Devan, Kelli, Russel, and Terrel might be there as well. I've missed them all a TON. Shania, Candie, Russel, Terrel and I went to the same High School for the first two years I went, and that was that. We stayed close for a year after I dropped out, and then everyone seemed to have something better to do.

As of right now, I'm most curious to see how everyone's grown up. Shania always wanted to be a movie-star…or a writer, Kaelyn went into Riverdance, last I heard…Skyler and Devan were always meant for each other, Kelli…well, we all knew Kelli was going to work with horses. But the rest of them..this should be interesting.

I never got married…though I've always been a flirt, and no kids to my name. I'm not seeing anyone, and I'm looking to land a hottie. You know, someone I want to look at every day.

But that's not the reason I'm going. God knows none of the boys at HFS were ever cute.

What do you think? It's just a little intro to what is to come!

Hope you enjoyed the prologue! I mean, it's not even the real story yet.

So…yeah. Review it.

-Sa x33