frozen time.

it's already night

before I fall asleep

I keep you photo underneath my pillow

to find you in my dreams

I'm close to you

so much more that I thought

I wanna hold you

and then I hear your heartbeats

it's like sweetest melody

that I've always wanted to know.

chorus: I'd do anything

what you want me to do

I'd freeze time

just to have close to me

for the rest of my days

'cause without you

every day would be hard

I'd spend cool time with you.

sometimes I don't understand

what we've got

I don't wanna hear it would be ok

we're going on the danger

I don't wanna know you're leaving

(we miss things that we don't have anymore)

or thinking of future

you are with me right now

and that's the matter.

chorus: ...

yesterday I wanted you

I want you more today

and that's the matter

we are together

and I'd change nothing in this moment.