Underdogs, losing team.

One unknown, with a dream.

Hours of practice.

Hours to build.

To upend the reputation.

To help map the sky.

Lines on the floor map where to stand.

Lines in the sky that map where to go.

First game ending with a win.

Years later, ending with a clock.

A newfound, and gained respect.

Skeptical but soon accepted.

Eventually, a season undefeated.

More versions of this clock.

No longer the underdogs.

No longer the man unknown.

Two steps forward, with a serve.

Many steps to form this clock.

Volleyball, my high school passion.

Longitude, his life long passion.

No longer underdogs, with little respect.

A well known man who gained respect.

Top of the Island, undefeated.

Mystery resolved, with this clock.

Obstacles, we overcame.

Obstacles, he overcame.

No matter who got in the way.

No matter who tried to hinder his way.

The answer:

You can always come out on top,

If you work hard enough,

No matter if you're known or not.

No matter if they try to stop you.



Ending with a longitude solution.