Dancing Under Streetlights

Tears stung my eyes as I remembered those rainy days in March. I let them roll down my cheeks, but I didn't let the sobs control me. My sunny morning daydream had been clouded by memories of him. I don't believe I could love someone like that again. The feeling and passion that I felt were of the same strength, if not more than those days nearly two years ago.

It was from him that I experienced and learned the meaning of love. The catalyst had been that spring break, before his birthday, before we had ever kissed. He was out of town visiting family, as was I. We stayed up all night talking, about everything meaningful, to nothing special. The conversation remained constant and irresistible the entire night, into the early hours of the morning.

He wasn't perfect. By no means is anybody perfect, but his flaws didn't repel me, they did quite the opposite. I was so genuinely interested in his life, and the way he made me feel was different and more exciting than anything I had experienced.

And that first kiss, how amazing it had been.

Rain pelted through the night as I danced down the street, my shoes and pants soaked through from puddle jumping. I wasn't cold, not one bit.

He followed, though not as enthusiastic as I was to be in the rain. He didn't dare dance with me, and instead walked a little behind me, trying to keep up, his hands in his pockets to keep warm. I knew he didn't mind the cold, because I could see the warmth I brought him in his smile. That one facial expression, the subtle smile on his lips, which made my heart gleam, because I loved how I made him happy.

I twirled and ran under the yellow of the streetlights, my thin red shirt soaked through with rain. As we reached the cemetery, I tossed him a smile and held his hand. The experience of having his arm around my waist and our fingers entwined was so new to me, and I never wanted him to let go.

We walked through the cemetery in the rain, holding each other; talking about whatever thoughts we had at the moment. We walked up a hill, and a cold breeze rushed at us. Miraculously, I didn't shiver, but he did.

"You're cold…" I said, stating the obvious.

"You're keeping me warm." He replied, his dark eyes telling a deeper truth behind those words.

I moved closer to him, if that was possible.

As we reached the top of the hill, all was silent, aside from the rain and the underlying hum of the restless city we lived in.

The view from the top was breathtaking. Grey storm clouds covered the night's sky, visible because the moon shone discreetly through them. City lights twinkled below us like a sea, its' waves reaching up across the mountains parallel to us.

"It's beautiful," he said, and the simple comment made the lights dance before my eyes.

"Were in a cemetery, at night, in the rain, observing a breathtaking view of a polluted yet beautiful city below us." I said, narrating the moment.

"It's still beautiful," He said, looking at me.

We shared one of those glances; the ones that you know only last for a moment, but go on for eternity anyways. His warm, dark brown eyes were such a contrast to my cold steel blue ones. I will never forget the small smile he gave me at that moment. The smile said and meant more than there were words to describe it.

"Am I allowed to kiss you?" He asked, innocently, yet impatiently, like a child.

"I never said you weren't allowed to." Was my reply before his lips collided with mine.

My arms went around his neck, and he clung tighter to me around my waist. The first moment of the kiss was messy, naïve, exploring, but it easily fell into a smooth, sweet rhythm. When it ended, he kissed me on the cheek before I rested my head in the space between his neck and shoulder, smiling to myself.

I clung tighter to him as an amazing feeling rushed through my body and causing me to be weak in the knees, but he was right there to keep me steady.

That moment, right there, if I had pressed pause on my life, was the exact moment I fell in love. Right then, I discovered love, and I never wanted to let go. I was infatuated with him, with the moment, with the rain, with the view, with love, and life.