A pile of shit.

What has remained

Of my greatest gift.


Do you remember

How we thought "forever"?

Now I have learned

To always say never.


Where is the Sun,

If not drowning in love?

Oh. It is waiting

For a sign from above.


It seems you do not

Have a clue

Of that which we say

And that which we do.


Your body wants all

But your soul will take nothing.

And your mind screams to you

"It's yourself you're corrupting!"


Jump off that stage.

They all know of your act.

I guess, through the years,

It's lost its impact.


Bury me now

And then I shall die

With hope that one day

For me you'll cry.


You're buried the love

You've buried it all.

But in ten days,

You'll hear my love call.


Your kisses,

The right to concern will not earn.

You can't have me back.

Have you not learned?


Never a friend;

Only a love

Is not what I want

Nor what I dream of.


So I'll leave you some space

To laugh at yourself.

To laugh and to say

That you'll find someone else.