Where is my lost treasure

that will give me sweet bliss?

Where is the comfort that

nestled me with a kiss?

Where is the laughter that

longed to leave my lips?

That had my heart beating faster

than the drumming of my fingertips.

Where has my serenity run off to?

And left me so vacant,

as if my life lacked spirit

and the sparkle of enchantment.

Where has the tranquility gone?

The only thing that had set me free

and left so suddenly,

leaving me to be

cold and empty...

A/N: Yea another poem...yet again. But this is an old one. I think this is my first poem on fiction press...yea it is. Thanks to hippos-anoonymus (the idiot who couldn't spell anonymous) for posting this up for me and starting off my fiction-press account thingy. So yea thanks hippy! Reviews if you please!!!