A young girl about 7 to 8 years old sang as she swung on one of the swings at the local park in the majestic twilight. It made her hair shine almost a golden color, and brought out her bright hazel eyes, which were framed by thin glasses. Her hair was pulled into a high ponytail, that rose and fell in time with her swings while the lyrics flew from her mouth.

She leaned back as far as she could on the swing, her aim to get as much high as she could before she moved her arms to the outside of the chains. She waited until she was as high she could get before she launched herself from the seat.

Immediately, a smile formed on her lips as she reached for the sky before falling back to the ground, landing not so gracefully on her feet. She brushed off her small jeans, days of doodling already making them unique.

"Lindsey! Time to come in honey!" Her mother's voice called from their house behind the park.

"Coming!" She replied, however, her voice was so high it sounded more like a squeal than anything else. She ran through the park, taking daring bounds over various equipment until she stopped short in front of a small street. She took special care to make looking both ways blatantly obvious, just in case her mother was watching before she looked up again.

She stopped and cocked her head to the side, with an obvious expression of interest as she watched a rather interesting couple walk down the opposite side of the street.

The woman was very short, and reminded her of her of a fairy. Petite to the extreme, everything she was wearing was bright red. She wore what looked like leather pants, and a tight fitting blouse. Her hair too was this flaming color, and she looked to be the polar opposite of the man who held her waist tightly.

He was much taller than her, and bulky, like a football player. His hair was a navy blue; from his roots, she could tell it had been died from a light blond, and she admired him for it. She had always wanted dark blue hair. He wore a faded white muscle shirt and plain blue jeans, but even at that young age, she could tell he was exceptionally good looking.

The thing that made them stand out the most however, was the extreme pale color of their skin. So white nearly looked like snow, she marveled. Everyone she knew had some degree of a tan. And now, the only words that came to mind was a phrase her brother had often used to describe the tourists that plagued their town.

"Whoa…. Pasty."

She had whispered it, she was sure of that, but even with her efforts to keep this comment to herself, both of them stopped short, as if a brick wall had been dropped infront of them. The man turned towards her slowly, and looked her directly in her eye.

Lindsey's face contorted into what could only be described as the purest form of terror.

His eyes were crimson red. And two recognizable fangs poked out from his upper lip.

Her legs moved before her mind did, and she bolted across the street, over the fence, and into her house before the scream that had been building in her stomach ripped from her throat. Her family materialized almost instantaneously: her mother with a large kitchen knife, her father with his handgun from work, and her older brother with his lucky bat.

"Baby-Girl, what happened?!?" Her father asked.

She opened her mouth, and her lips moved, but only one word escaped,



"ARHAHAAA!" I shot up from position in the backseat of our car with a sound that sounded a lot like a dying cow. This time, however, the only one that looked at me was my brother, Will. His tired black eyes blinked at me slowly, and he rubbed his head, messing up his black hair with a yawn.

"Keep it down, pookie-head," he mumbled. I smiled as he used one of my many nicknames before he rolled over and went back to sleep. Mom was asleep as well, her perfect blond hair like a halo over the gray headrest infront of me. Dad was driving, and he looked up at me through the rear-view mirror.

"Keep it down, Baby Girl," he repeated I nodded and turned to look out the window into the night. Street lamps cast a golden glow on the street below us and I sighed deeply, making fog on the window.

We were moving, again. To where?

Pennsylvania. From Georgia, a tiny, itty bity little town on the coast, to Pennsyl-fucking-vania. In the middle of nowhere!

Deep breaths, Lindsey. Deep breaths.

I can do this...

I can do this…

I can't do this!!!!

I shook my head, put on my iPod again, and sighed in great relief, oh, the salvation that was Panic! At the Disco.

All right, now let me explain some things. I can see stuff. Not like, the future, but just stuff. Auras, (they take some work, the sneaky buggers), ghosts…..vampires….were-wolves…..all that good stuff.

And it all started with those two I saw way back in the day. Ever since I looked in his eyes, I could just see things that other's can't. Of course, this has gotten me in a few tight spots.

Like, when my parents took me to the physiologist to see what was wrong with me. I had been screeching about the monster under my bed, the one that I could actually see.

(Which turned out to be the ghost of our long lost dog, Taffy. Talk about anti-climactic)

So, I had to keep my mouth shut as I watched the ghost of the doctor's wife walk around the room, observing his pictures and sitting on his desk. I wasn't about to be called insane, when I knew that I wasn't, so I just sat there and spat out the things I knew he would want to hear. Even after his wife frowned at me and shouted at me to tell him hello.

But that was way back when, and I've learned to keep my 'gift' to myself. Besides, after I told a few people that I could see their dead grandparents, I wasn't too popular, and that simply wasn't going to do. But now we were moving again, and I could have a clean new slate. I sighed and looked out the window again, and my eyes drifted closed before I floated back to sleep.


"Wake up Peanut," I cracked open one eye to see my mother leaning against the door smiling, her green eyes sparkling in the dull morning light and I groaned, getting up from my seat to look at my new home.

"Cute," I said, rubbing my eyes as I looked at the old two-story house. It was painted a dull blue, with white shutters over windows that I wasn't sure were even real. But none-the-less, it was cute. I walked up the set of small stairs onto the wrap-a-round porch and smiled at the porch swing that moved slightly in the breeze. I walked further in the house to find that our furniture had arrived before we did and my brother and my dad were already setting up the beds.

"Go pick a room, Baby-Girl," my dad called and I nodded, taking the wide set of stairs two by two until I reached the landing. It had three bedrooms, one in the middle, one to the east and one to the west. I turned left and opened the plain white door to find a plain white room with a wide window facing west. That would eliminate the problem of getting up to early on Saturdays. Perfect.

"I call this one!"

"Ok! Come get your boxes!"

I did and slowly my room began to take shape. My big red fan from China Town, in New York now hung behind my purple bed. My TV was up, and the PS2 was already plugged in, as was my laptop. My iHome was already perched on my dresser and playing:

"And everybody was Kung-Fu fighting! Those cats were fast as lighting…."

I spun, hanging up the last of my jeans as I began to dance across the floor and sort out my jewelry. Everything was silver.

"In fact it was a little bit frightening! But they did it with expert timing!"

I just loved silver. I didn't think gold looked very well on my skin tone, that always looked as if I had just played a game outside. Not tan, but more than the average peach color. Plus, not only was silver cheaper than gold, it was also an easy deterrent for were-wolves.

Flash a silver cross and watch how fast they back off.

Oh! That reminds me... Before I forget. I learned the truth about some the rumors:

Vampires are not allergic to holy water or garlic.

But a stake in the heart will kill anything.

Were-wolves are allergic to silver.

But it won't kill them.

Just give them a gross looking rash. And nobody likes rashes

Vampires are will not die in sunlight. In fact, there are a few I used to know that weretanner than I am.

Also, Vampires have fangs. Little white teeth that are too long for their mouths so they slide perfectly on their lower lips. However, these are hidden, and I figure that I can see them only because of my "gift."

Were-wolves can turn into these big scary things similar to the ones in Underworld; they can also change into actual wolves. Big wolves, but wolves none-the-less.

Vampires can drink blood. But only because they have a nasty iron deficiency, but most just take these big brown pills for it.

And that's about all I've learned so far. Those are just some nice things to know, I thought, in case you ever get into one of those, 'trapped-in-an-alley' situations.


"Linny-Pie!" My mother called from my bedroom door. I looked up and turned down the music before smiling at her.

"It looks nice honey, now come downstairs, Bubba is leaving for his dorm, ok?" I frowned, I had almost forgotten. William, nicknamed Bubba, had gotten accepted into a college here. So now he's gonna leave again. I don't mind, he'll be back on Sunday for dinner and laundry.

"Alright," I jumped down the stairs and bear-hugged my brother who easily lifted me off the ground. I only reached his neck he was so tall and he smirked down at me.

"I'll see ya later, alright? Be good, ok? And don't spook anyone! You got me?"

William was the only one who believed me about my gift. I nodded and smiled, kissing his cheek before moving out of the way for my mother, who gave him a huge hug before wiping her eyes. I rolled mine and retreated back upstairs to finish unpacking.


"Maybe we're crazy….probablyyyy………."

Gnarls Barkley sang from my iHome, waking me up gently. I rolled out of bed, stumbling before tripping downstairs into our kitchen. I squinted as I sat down in out kitchenette's small breakfast booth and put my head down.

"Look sharp baby, first day of school!" I looked up and rubbed my head, messing up the rat's nest that rested on the top of my head. My dad set down my traditional Portuguese breakfast of rice and eggs, and smiled at me, his dark eyes amused at my expression of disdain at the time. I dumped some ketchup on it and began to scarf it when my mom walked up, her signature cup of coffee already steaming in her hands as her tired eyes looked over at me.

"Morning sweetie."

"Morning mommy."

I sighed, and stood, dumping my dishes in the sink before stretching, my back arching like a cat as I groaned. I walked back to my room, slipping on the simple black skirt and pulled on a teal polo. My school uniform.


I could hardly believe the word myself.

At least the colors weren't atrocious. Teal and black, cute.

Matching eyeshadow was applied, and a hand made button bracelet to match was put on before I picked out my silver for the day: a few rings and six different bracelets. All of which gave me a satisfying clinking noise when I moved. I slipped on my black flats and hopped down the stairs while pulling my fuzzy hair into a low ponytail and grabbing my silver motorcycle helmet from the coat rack.

"Bam! I'm ready," I opened my arms and waited as my dad gave me a quick hug, mom mimicking his movement.

"You be careful on that thing," She warned, and I rolled my eyes.

"Mom, it's a scooter."

"Still…" She said, her voice wavered and I smiled, winking at her before turning for the door.

"Be back later!" I said, before shoving my helmet over my head and flinging my backpack over my shoulder. I closed the door behind me and cringed as the chilly morning air froze my legs. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have worn a skirt? Oh well.

I walked out front and smiled at my baby.

A royal blue Honda Silver Wing. A scooter, yes, but it was a scooter that looked like a motorcycle. It was about as close as I was gonna get to one, so I settled, it was mine after all. I jammed the key in and revved it, feeling it too, seem shocked by the cold air.

"I know baby.." I cooed, before stomping on the gas and flying out of the driveway.

Oh yeah, not in Georgia anymore.

No marshes here, no smell of the ocean thick in the morning breeze.

No. These were rivers, and huge trees hanging over the still damp road. There seemed to be a fall here, and leaves of oranges, browns and some of goldish hues littered the ground.

No, there was no fall in Southeast Georgia, only 65 degrees (a.k.a. 'Winter) and 105 degrees (Summer).

No humidity either, the wind was cold here, and I had to pull my jacket tighter trying to keep it out as I followed a long line of cars. Knowing that they would lead me to the

private highschool I had been enrolled in.

Yep, Ocean's Academy for Gifted Students.

It served grades 1-12. Which meant that me, a junior would have to deal with eight-graders. Urgh.

I practically rolled my eyes just thinking about it. I had never been to a private school.

I preferred public school, but Nope, "Gotta experience a better education!"


I slowed down as I approached the school, and sighed. I was totally going to get lost. It had to be at least three stories tall, and from what I could see, had about three wings, spiking out from what must be an auditorium. The brick walls were a dark red, making it look like the most stereotypical school I had even seen. I pulled into the parking lot behind a little red Volvo and hopped off before getting a better look.

"Jimmy! I'll kill you!"

"Gotta catch me first!"

I turned and jumped back, just as a little kid with scruffy black hair and a little red head flew past my scooter, but they immediately stopped after seeing me. They backtracked and looked from me and my helmet, to the bike, then back again.

"Wow. Is it yours?" The little boy, presumably named Jimmy, asked, looking up at me with a pair of honey brown eyes. He was wearing the same colors as me, only with a little black jacket to cover it with.

"Sure is," I said, flashing him a smile. He smiled and looked to the girl beside him, who's own blue eyes sparkled with admiration. I froze, staring at the boy's smile.

Two tiny fangs poked out of his mouth.

He was a vampire. Needless to say. I nearly jumped out of my skin. I'd only seen adults, not little ones before.

"Hey! You're new here, aren't you?" I shook myself from my shock and turned to the girl.

Yeah, this was a tiny little town all right.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Yeah. Nobody new ever moves here..." She said with a frown, she turned to the side and looked up at the sky with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Yeah. So I'm stuck with her," Jimmy said, pointing his thumb at the girl beside him.

She frowned and pushed him, before running off. He sighed, and looked up at me.

"Well, I hope you like Oceans!" He said before darting after her. With a jolt, I stopped and stared off after them, wide-eyed and mouth open.

A human had just been playing with a vampire.

And where there were little vampires….

There were bound to be big ones.

I swung my backpack over my shoulder and began to walk were all the other upperclassmen seemed to be walking too. I wanted just to look at the ground, avoiding the curios stares of the people around me, but that would make me look shy.

And I, am not shy.

However, as I walked into what turned out to be a large courtyard, I instantly wanted to change my mind.

This school had the biggest cliques I had even seen.

In Georgia, the cliques were small, each claming about 10 square feet as their own little territory. Nobody crossed lines unless you were friends with other people. Not that you would be outright dissed, but the embarrassment of having about 10 kids turn to you in unison giving you, "Who are You?" Looks was enough to drive anyone away.

In the right corner of the courtyard a group of at least 50 or 60 students were chatting and roughhousing as most due. The group included what looked like elementary, middle and highschool kids. I noticed one guy though, who seemed to just be attracting them all.

Even from my distance, I could tell this guy was tall, and his gray hair was swept to the left side of his face. Wait, what? I did a double take and squinted my eyes for a better view.

That kid had gray hair!

He was leaned against one of the high brick walls, and as he stood, slumped with his hands in his pockets, various kids passed by him and either gave him a hug, twitched their heads at him, or simply waved, at which he revealed a smile and waved back.

I tore my eyes away from him and turned to the other major grouping standing on the left corner was another group of kids, but the seemed to have built a little human wall. A bunch of tall boys formed a ring of black, blocking the majority of them from view. Their movements were calmer, and they rarely moved at all. The occasional shift of weight was about all I saw, and again, one boy caught my eye. He too was tall, only with sandy blond hair that hung limp in his face.

I quickly found a bench as I watched them, and gasped softly as one girl turned to the side.

A perfect little fang hung out from her lips.

Then I realized it.

These kids were grouped according to species!

But if that was true? What were the kids on the right? I watched the kids on the right for a little while, and nothing about them seemed out of the ordinary. I sighed, and turned to look infront of me, only to encounter another large clique.

These ones looked human as well, and they all sat inside of a large cafeteria. Long glass windows bordered the courtyard, and from these I could see that most of the seats in there were taken. These kids were human, I figured, that was why they sat as far away as they could from the other two cliques.

Well damn, I thought to myself. What in the world was that other group?

I had Vampires, Humans and Group X. I knew moving would be a bad idea. Cause of course, my parents would pick a supernatural creature infested town. I had names for these kinds of towns, I called them SSZs. Supernatural Safe Zones. These were tiny little towns where nobody would bother them, where they could live in peace.

Places I didn't want to live.

"Hey, New Girl." I jumped as I heard my new title. I knew I was going to be 'New Girl' for a while, at least until someone else moved in. My eyes widened slightly to see a vampiress standing a few feet infront of me. She looked at me with dull brown eyes, and she looked rather bored. She wore a longer skirt than I did and had her black hair falling hap-harderzdly over her shoulder.

"My name's Lindsey." I stated a small smile of warning on my face. I was in no mood to be messed with today.

"Yeah, sure." She looked around for a moment, an unnoticeable gesture consisting of only her eyes making wide sweeps over the area around her.

"You got your schedule yet?"

Why would I want to give it to you. I thought.

"Because it's easier this way. I don't want to have to steal it." I closed my eyes tighter, before opening them and looking up at her. Great, she was telepathic, just what I needed. Which also meant, that the majority of the other vampires already were aware that I knew about them.


"Well now, Ms. Mind Reader. You don't have to be mean about it, yesh." I reached into my purse and pulled out the flimsy sheet of paper, she swiped it from my hand with long, piano fingers and scanned it.

"You're taking Trig?"

"Yeah. I was a year up back in Georgia."

"You're a year up here too. You have first and second period with Alexander."

"Alexander?" I asked, already scanning the left side of the courtyard.

"The blond you were looking at earlier." She stated her voice hardly made any distinction between her words, but her voice was high, and had almost a musical quality to it. She suddenly dropped next to me on the bench.

"I don't know how you know so much about us," She said, still not looking at me. A few curios people from inside the cafeteria looked out, but she sent them an ice filled look, not a glare, just pretty much a blank stare, and they spun in their seats.

"But, it would be appreciated if you kept your knowledge to yourself." She finished, finally turning to look at me. Deep down, there was a threat in there somewhere but I smiled at her, and her eyes widened, only slightly, in surprise.

"I always do."

She nodded, and made a motion to get up.


She patiently looked back at me.

"What are the other group over there?" I asked, waving my hand in there general direction. A smirk came across her face.

"Come now, that's easy."

I gave her a blank, unresponsive stare at which she rolled her eyes.

"I'll give you a hint,..Lindsey," She said, using my name.

"The two of our…species, aren't good friends."

I sat back against the bench, thinking hard, and as she walked away, the thought popped into my mind.

"Were-wolves." I muttered, and from across the courtyard, I saw Ms. Mind Reader raise her thumb above her head.

I sighed, leaning my head back and staring at the cloudy sky above me.

This was defiantly going to be an interesting year.