You walked away from me

your words echoing in my mind

like music at a funeral.

I watched you walk away

step by step

knowing that the tears

that stained your face

were dripping from mine.

Your pain pulsated through me

with every sob, broken and angry,

that faded into the background.

A painful lump caught

in my throat;

a pounding resonated through my skull.

I followed you

slowly and at a distance.

The sound of your footsteps

melded into the rhythm of my own.

That was all I heard.

I found you on your knees

crying out

Why? God, Why?

Your tears had stained your shirt.

I wrapped my shaking arms

around you,

let your tears mingle with my own.

But I wasn't really there

and you weren't really crying.

You were waking

to the annoying chime of

of an alarm clock

while I slept soundly

early that morning.

But it wasn't my dream.

It was yours.