The Oblivion That Once Was My Soul

I feel your lips on my cheek

like it was yesterday.

I relive that moment

for the nine millionth time

wishing it wasn't just a memory.

The pain that rocked me

for so long

has become an unanswerable ache;

it never, ever, leaves me.

I am trapped with this void

in my soul.

You tore out a piece of me

and swallowed I whole

without realizing it,

and the loss of that part of me

has had me tender and wounded,


I have fallen once

and hurt another

trying to fill the hole

that will only fit you.

My very skin burns

at the sight of you.

I can't ignore the anger, pain, sadness,

that you have created in me.

They remind me everyday

of the actions many months past.

Why won't these hurts rest?

Why can't I let go?

Why do I long to mend

a close friendship lost

because of the pain it inflicted upon me?