how many perfections do you see?

how many errors?

its threading a needle from five feet away

to answer these questions

a compliment

a faux-pas

a smack in the face

im the girl that only sees perfection

i see flaws


i see flaws

i see perfection in hose flaws

nothing is perfect unless it isn't

true "perfection" is of the mind

it is that daydream of the perfect guy or girl

it is that fantasy of the "perfect" life

it is complete and utter happiness

the unattainable

perfect is like a reality check

perfect is what we perceive it to be

like "normalcy"

it merits our interpretation

the only "perfect" thing in my life

is that unreachable person

its something I long for

and laugh at

something ill never have

and it hurts

as if it really matters


this poem is perfect

by my definition

this poem is perfect

it is flawed

it is perfect

it is real