Have you lost me?

Seven years

too many years

too soon

I wonder if my love is just

or should I just cut it off?

No matter how much

I know you love me

this distance is breaking us

tearing us apart

I weep often for my tangible loss

I wonder if you do the same

or do you not care?

Is that why I've spent so long alone?

So long without your hug or kiss?

So long without seeing your face?

I've cried an ocean

but you won't sail home

I pray your lost at sea

rather than settled so far away

No matter the choice you've made

I miss the sight of you

the sound of your voice

the warmth of your embrace

the gentle touch of your kiss

So much you have missed

I have grown tall

I am a child no more

yet you wouldn't know

you have not seen

You weren't there through my hardships

you aren't here for me now

I love you with all my heart

but it isn't enough to bring you back

it isn't enough to fix your wrongs

I love you

my father

and I worry everyday

for your health

for us

With every ounce of my flesh

I beg you to come back

I feel I have lost you in these long years

have you lost me?