I apologize if I offend any religion in the process of this story. It is completely FICTION, from the depths of my whacked-out imagination. Oh and any references to any fictional or non-fictional character/person dead or alive is purely coincidental. Thank you.

Hmm. My profile? Ha. Okay.

Name: Lucifer
Age: Lost count.
Appearance: Waist length black hair, eyes as black as sin, tall stature.
Occupation: Controller of the universe. ha! no, but one day i will be. Controller of Hell, AKA, the Devil.
Profile: Smart, witty, clever, charming, handsome, amusing, wonderful, almighty, powerful.

There. Entirely true and completely not fabricated. Happy?

Who am I? Well...

Name: Jessica Angels
Age: 24
Appearance: Disgustingly short golden brown hair, plain and ordinary brown eyes, short and stumpy.
Occupation: Counselor, member of the H.E.H. Committee
Profile: Stupid and clumsy.

That's me in a nutshell. God, I'm so pathetic.