Short chapter, so sue me. Sorry for the delay, yet again. "

Chapter Twenty-Seven
Jessica's POV

"Hello?" I mumbled into the receiver, wondering just who the heck would call at such an ungodly hour.

"Hi, is this Jessica Angels?"

Oh my god, the creep who calls in at—whoa, it's 10AM already?—knows my name!

"Um yeah. And you are?"

"Frank Wagner. Remember me?"

Frank Wagner… Frank Wagner… Frank…

"From the Children's Cancer Society?" he prompted.


That guy.

"Yeah. So, what's up?" I switched from my right to my left ear, leaving my right hand free to smack away the wandering hands of Lucifer's.

"Pervert," I whispered to Lucifer.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that, what did you say?" Frank Wagner asked.

"What? What did I say? Oh nothing," I blabbered, covering it up.

"Well, anyway, I apologize for the late notice, as I have been quite busy lately, but I was hoping you and that guy could both come to the rehearsal today. Are you free?"

Quickly scanning through my mental schedule, I found that I was free. Lucifer was definitely free.

"Yeah. Where's the place?"

"Trafilgar Concert Hall, 12.30PM. Thank you so much! See you there!"


Lucifer's POV

"That was interesting," I commented as we left the concert hall.

"Oh? Which part did you find interesting? The part where all the females in the room were drooling over you? Or the part where we were late—because of you—and everyone was made to wait for us? Or was it the part where you oh-so-accidentally touched me on stage when we were singing and caused me to go flat? Hmm? Which part exactly did you find interesting?!" Jessica spat out, arms akimbo.

Aww. So cute.

Grinning, I replied, "All of them."

"You…you…you… Argh! I can't be bothered to deal with you!" she huffed and stormed off, her heels click-clacking away.

I quickly caught up with her—thanks to the advantage of lovely long legs.

Keeping in step with her, I bent down to whisper in her ear, "Because you were there the whole time."

Then I strode off before her, leaving her standing there in shock, pondering over my words.

Jessica's POV

Damn that irritatingly cute and annoyingly sweet person. I thought, imagining that my gaze was boring holes into his back.

But it was rather sweet of him to say that. I smiled indulgently.

He's just screwing with your mind! My sub-conscience accused.

No, he isn't. I argued.

But he is! You're just in denial!

No. I'm not. You are!

No, you are!

No, you!

No, you!

Well, well, well. Reduced to having to fight with myself. Bravo for me.

Checking my watch—it tells the time, day, and month! Isn't that brilliant?, I saw that, yes, it was Luci's last day on Earth. Which meant… At twelve o' clock that night, we would take a trip down… to hell.

Although I hate to admit it, I was rather nervous at the notion. Yeah, yeah, I've been to hell before, why am I so freaked? But dude, its hell. Which is also why I can't possibly be with Lucifer.

Because of the fact that he stays there.

Six more hours to go before midnight. Yippee.