It Was Just Another Night

It was just another night;

The smell of burnt cheese still lingering in my car

From the last run I was unknowingly to take.

I had been listening to track 2 or 3 of "Black Market."

About midnight I pulled up expecting nothing,

But another run to some dilapidated shack northeast of town.

I wanted to be with Julia and only that.

Why should I be subjected to this kind of work;

Going into the dark to deliver a pizza?

Yes, just another night for me.

I got something quite different, however.

The masked-man with the gun and his two masked friends

Came at me as if out of nowhere; they ran straight at me.

Those flat black eyes told me they didn't give one fuck about me or what I Wanted; they wanted the cash.

The cash for a gift for their girlfriends--

Beer for themselves.

The cash for formula for the wailing baby at home--

A fix for themselves.

The cash to pay a little of the unrelenting bills that appeared in the wooden Mailbox I've seen so many times in that part of town--

Power for themselves.

It was just another night for them

When they took my power away

Not ten feet from the pizzeria's door

In full view of the security camera.

They didn't give a fuck.

Just another night for them,

But it was the last for me.