I know, I know, it won't take long
Before new words become your song
Let's stop pretenses and face the blow
Of melancholies we're bound to know

I promise I'll be fine without you

Desperate enough to cry for you
Hurting still from the life we knew
I'll go ahead and push you aside
Take away the pain inside

I promise I'll be wise without you

I'm not one to forget things fast
But all you are is a fading past
Forgive me, but you forgot me too
Along with the love I shared with you

I promise I'll be strong without you

It's such a shame I've fallen deep
So hard to hold on when the cliff is steep
But I'll try to get up when I've hit the low
And I'll get ready for a long way to go

I promised myself I wouldn't cry
Now here I am, wiping my cheeks dry
A silly promise I didn't mean to forget
But my heart drowns from such regret