A feathery girl in braids,

Forever a naked body;

Within her is a longing to free her being

By getting nekkid on the screen .

She wants to flaunt her body like Belle had done before,

She only needs to reach that place inside and step on through that door.

She's so sexy and slinky just the way I want her.

She thrills me, and holds me in her hand.

She makes me want to come like I've never before.

I only want to buy her the most precious things;

Because I love her body.

I want her body.

Her lips are red and pouting just like she seems to like it,

She loves getting taking from behind and having me grab her tit,

I want to fill her up so fucking much.

I hope and pray that some day I'll meet her and we can have some lunch

I want to be intimate, be what a man and woman should be when together,

She's my lady with a feather.

And she is the seductress of my soul.

When we sweat together there is absolutely nothing finer than when I stick it in her hole!!!

And make her come, when she wears only that which I find alluring enough to give to her.

My, my, what a woman.