A poem I had put in my LJ that I made last year. Except I've re-written the poem.

This is dedicated to Aaron.

Happy Mother's Day.

There is no light
Across the bay
It's dark all around
But that's okay.

The bay is silent
And I break the peace
The water rippled
As the engine increased.

I can't see anything
So what should I do?
I'll try to be quick
Till I get through.

And then right ahead
I see a light
It came from no where
And it's really bright…

There's no way around
No time to wait
No way to get out
I've realized too late.

We meet each other
And the crash is loud
But I can't remember
Hearing the sound.

I notice it's dark again
Just like before
I think that I'm moving…
But I'm not too sure.

For some reason
I'm dragged away
Further along
Through the bay.

I'm getting hot now
I'm dirty and it smells
I hate this a lot
It feels I'm in hell.

Six suns have risen
Six moons have, too
The day's just begun
It's nice to see blue.

I suddenly wonder
What I'm doing out here
I hear people calling
I think my family's near.

The sound fades out
So I just shrug
What's with all
These freaky as bugs?

I see green up ahead
It's pretty clean, too
So I stop there and wait
It was too good to be true.

The reeds were all slimy
I guess I was wrong
I don't mind though, coz
I've stopped moving along.

Claws, acting like vines
Creep out to me
I don't realize what it is
Since I cannot see.

It pulls me away
From my comfort zone
My frown turns to a smile
I'm not alone.

I see they are strangers
But I don't care
They were the people
Who got me out of there.

"Tell the family,"
I heard one say
I suddenly beam
Coz I'm going home today.

I've missed my Mum
My Brother and Dad
But when I get home
They're all looking sad.

I'm shooting off questions
But they just ignore
I'm getting worried now…
What's Mum crying for?

I'd hate to admit it
But I'm kinda scared
I'm not a guy
Who's emotionally prepared.

I wanna hug her
But my arms feel dead
Then I blanch at what
My father just said.

No… I say
Don't tell me that's true
I'm standing right here
What's wrong with you?!

But before too long
We're all gathered here
Everyone sheds
At least one tear.

Inside a box
That's where you stare
I'm right beside you, though
I can't be in there.

You just can't see me…
But… I see you
I'm scared, coz I'm fading
And I know that it's true.

All I can think is
I wish I had time
Time with the family
Then, I'd be fine.

On Mum's shoulder
Lay's my fading hand
"I'm sorry to leave you.
But I hope you understand."

As much as I try
I can't stop your tears
But things will be all right
Over the next few years.

So, don't worry Mum
Daniel, and Dad
I love you a lot
And I don't want you's sad.

I want you's to know
That I'll be all right
I'll be your personal Angel
And you'll never leave my sight.

I'll watch over you all
Till we meet again
I'll be waiting by the Gates
Right here, in Heaven.

Rest in peace - May 8th 2004

Written on May 8th – May 12th 2005.

Just in case you were wondering, my friend was in a boating accident and wasn't found until 6 days later. I tried to write a poem through Aaron's perspective.