My life is a lot of fun:

This is what I'm telling you.

I don't seem to mind any more about what you all think.

Ha, I laugh in your face,

Take it as you will,

I can think of a better way in which you could!

Why don't you try something new?

It might change you for the better.

I like to walk my path that I see in front of me.

You can take it any way you want it,

So there!

I'm changed for the better,

You can no longer trip me up,

Why don't you take it any way you can?

It was always what I said.

I didn't burn your photographs because I always want to remember,

But not the way it had been before I took my first walk around this place.

I like to think that you are alright and I hope you are, but I'm better now;

Even more then you are.

Can you take it because I can now?