Silver Wings
By: Russell Downing

His armor gave slight clanks as he walked down the halls of the imperial palace. Earlier that day he had been summoned by the king, for what reason he did not know. His deep crimson red eyes were fixed in a threatening gaze that followed the curves of the corridors. His short silver hair flowed in the slight breeze that he created as he traveled the halls. His twin swords hung from white leather slings in separate places. His main sword, who's blade was like that of a Katana, was snug in it's white, ruby incrusted sheath at his left hip, it's smooth marble hilt could allow two hands to grasp it if ever needed. His other sword, what's blade was extremely large and wicked looking, was strapped to his back. It needed no sheath for the shear width of the blade made it impossible to make one to fit it. The blade was five feet long and twenty inches wide, and was jagged and curved in different areas. Not including the hilt the claymore would probably weigh atleast seventy-five pounds, one-sixty three adding the smooth marble hilt that could also fit two hands. One may think that he needed to be extremely muscular to weald a claymore, but his body build was like that of any battle experienced knight. His strength came from his man like lizard heritage, his Dragnol heritage. His looks came from his human heritage, at least all but the red eyes. His armor shone bright silver and glinted in the afternoon sun when he passed one of the many square windows. His name was Navashine Harrishkitar.

He was a half-Dragnol. A Dragnol is a creature whose body is shaped like a man's or woman's, but was covered in scales. A Dragnol's head is in the shape of a dragon's and almost all of them have large leathery wings. A half-Dragnol though, is different. Navashine is a mixture of a human mother and a Dragnol father, luckily for him he had received a human form. Although he had a human body his strength was amazing, his claymore felt like that of an average long sword to him, although to him a long sword would be like wielding a stick. His other sword would feel as if nothing was there when he wielded it, so this was his most powerful weapon. It could slice through a dragon's hide like a hot knife through butter if he applied enough strength. If he ever needed an advantage in battle he could transform into what he called "Dragnol form". When in this form his hair would spike up and silver wings would sprout from his back, that is why his armor had two ten inch long slits in the back, for his wings to emerge.

Suddenly their was a loud yell from further down the hall, obviously that of a guard from the loud clanking that insued. Navashine broke into a dash at the sound, stopping in front of a doorway marked: "Training Room". At the sight of this door a sigh of relief escaped his lips. He didn't feel like fighting off another assassin today. When he opened the door his spirit brightened.
"I should have known ye would be here." He said as he walked in the room, turning slightly so his claymore's blade would not hit against the doorway. His voice was kind and gentle.
"But must you make waste of the guards so easily? It quite hurts their pride when beaten by a women, let alone the queen to be." He finished, looking at his fiancée with kind eyes. The young woman's long brown hair was braided into a long horse tail that nearly reached her ankles, her hypnotic violet eyes only glanced at her soon to be husband before she took down another royal guard. Her training cloths consisted of a light purple skirt, a very light pink tank top, and a pair of sandals. She dropped her training staff and ran to her fiancée, kissing him.

"Where hath thou been? I've been worried to death, 'What if a thief had got him' I thought, you've got some nerve." She said as she leaned against Navashine's chest. "Why hast thou adorned thy armor and blade?" she asked, her voice now slightly worried.
"Thy father has summoned me. I've pondered the thought myself of why milord hast wish me to wear my armor and sword. Perhaps another battle approches." He answered.
"Yet again? Oh dear husband I hate it when father sends you out so rashly. Head knight you may be, but-."
"Dearest Jennifer. It hast not yet been our wedding day. There's no need for formalities at the moment." Navashine interrupted.

"Indeed, but I love you so and would rather be tortured then here of thy death." Jennifer said with a hint of anger in her voice. "Me thinks my father still dislikes ye." She added while releasing him from her grip. She walked over and picked up her training staff. Both her and her husband to be were still young. Jennifer was only that of sixteen summers and Navashine only one summer ahead of her, but both of them had a deep and affectionate love for one another. They'd each rather perish than the other. "Maybe father wishes thee dead…" she finished.
"Then there is not but one way to find out my dear." Said Navashine with a comforting smile on his face.
"Yes…you're right dear husband…"


"You called for me milord?" asked Navashine after bowing in front of the imperial throne. The throne sat high and solid gold. Emeralds and rubies decorated the purple cushioned seat and a long red carpet stretched up the ten-stair approach to the throne. Jennifer stood at her fiancée's side and greeted her father with a bow also.
"When I summoned thee I assumed ye would come alone." Said the king in his deep baritone voice. He adorned the blood red robe of royalty; his graybeard hung down to his chest and his also gray hair reached his shoulders.
"I apologize mi-."
"Yes milord."

"I know ye are ingaged to my lovely daughter, but do not assume you can speak out of line."
"Yes milord…may I ask why thou hast summoned me?" the king nodded his head in response. "Oh high ruler Echitan, what is the reason thou hast asked me to thy humble abode?" the king wasted no time with answering this question.
"You are to slay Irrigichi." He said with a calm and shameless voice. Navashine looked up from a bow with a look of shock on his face.
"Mi…Milord?" he said questionably. Navashine took a step for ward. "But milord, surely you know she's my mother?" he asked, this time trying to bring his highness to his senses.
"Yes, and I also know that only another Dragnol can kill another in battle." At these words Navashine's older brother stepped forth from the shadows. "So you will need to do away with thy father as well." Added the king.

"Greetings brother." Said Navashine's brother with a malicious smile.
"Milord!? Have you drank too much!?!" Navashine, who ignored the shock of seeing his brother, reached for his sword, but was stopped by his future wife.
"Surely thou hast a good reason father?" she asked.
"Why yes my dear daughter," the king gave a malicious smile. "Yes I do…If your beloved halfling cannot slay his own parents then I will not allow him to marry thee. If ye cannot slay your own parents, then I cannot trust your protection of my daughter."
"What does killing my parents have to do with protecting Jennifer!?" Navashine grasped his hip-side sword, and had it out of it's sheath halfway before he felt a blade against his neck! Navashine looked to the side, only moving his eyes so not to cause the blade to cut him.

"Sinagashine???" It was his brother whom was holding a long bladed dagger to his throat. The blade was serrated into three different points and it's hilt was long enough for the grasp of one hand, it was black and wicked looking with rubies encrusted in it's lower half.
"Let the man finish brother." Navashine reluctantly let his sword slide back into place and straitened up next to his fiancée. Navashine glanced darkly at his kin.
"Why hast thou come here?" he asked as his brother sheathed the one of his two wicked, serrated blade long daggers. The hilt of Sinagashine's other dagger resembled that of the one he had to his brother's throat. His sheaths were also dark looking. A line of rubies went straight down the black case. He had spiky black hair and shared Navashine's crimson red orbs. A scar adorned the right side of his face, starting from the center right of his forehead all the way down past his eye and stopped at the center of his cheek. His armor was dark ebony with yellow trim, and like his brother's, had two slits in the back for his wings to emerge from when needed.
"I hath come here to attain a lovely wife if ye fail in thy mission, because I surely won't." He said in his haunting voice.

"Then yee hath failed!" Navashine turned to his brother, and drew his sword with great speed, but his brother was ready and blocked it with his dagger!"Brother must we quarrel? Ye shall need thy strength for father!" Sinagashine drew his other blade with the intention to open his brother's gut, but Navashine caught his brother's wrist with his free hand, just inches away from his stomach! Sinagashine grinned. "Ahhh! Thou hast been training!" The two then released each other and leapt backwards. Navashine lifted Jennifer in his arms and once again leapt back before his brother's blade caught the both of them!
"Ha-Ha! Entertainment! I was quite bored, but don't harm my daughter...or should I say thy future wife, eh, Sinagashine?" said the king.
"I would appreciate that milord." When Sinagashine replied the king let out a low chuckle. The king's voice rung in Navashine's ears, fueling his already high flames of rage.

"Father! Stop this madness!" cried Jennifer as Navashine sat her on her feet; tears were brimming he eyes.
"Let him gloat Jennifer," the sad maiden faced her knight, her husband, "For his life is next!" Navashine's voice was so ragefilled that he spoke at a near growl. Then the battle began! Navashine flew at his brother, his wings now visible and his claymore held high! Navashine came down upon his brother, his right-handed claymore barely missed his fleeing brother and hit the hard stone floor, crumbling it beneath it's mighty force! Sinagashine landed ten feet from his brother, his black wings now out in the open also. His spiky black hair grew longer and reached the small of his back, but still kept it's spiky image.

Sinagashine lunged forward with his daggers, knocking his brother backwards! He quickly delivered a kick to his younger kin's gut, sending him back across the fifty-foot wide room into the opposite wall! Navashine shook his head a little when he heard a whistling sound heading straight for him. Navashine leaned his head sideways just in time to dodge his brother's blade, which had extended in length at high speeds to reach him! Luckily it had missed and hit the wall, not his head.
"Navashine!" screamed Jennifer as she watched the battle unfold before her eyes.
"Jennifer! Run to your father's side, thou shalt be safe there!" Another blade came whistling forward which Navashine dodged.

"Your attempts are futile brother!" Sinagashine retracted his blades, "Just accept thy fate and perish!" He then jabbed his right-handed dagger, causing the blade to extend once again. Navashine knocked it aside with his claymore and dashed forward! His brother jabbed the other dagger at him as he ran and Navashine simply spun to his left, dodging it! Sinagashine Slung the elongated serrated blade to the side as Navashine came close, but he leapt into the air with a flip, sheathing his smaller sword, and brought his claymore to his side as he made a quick decent towards his traitorous brother!
"And now thou DIES!!" yelled Sinagashine as he Jabbed his left-handed dagger forward which he had retracted without Navashine's knowing!
"Then I'm taking ye to hell with ME!!!"

A pool of blood splattered to the floor. Navashine opened his eyes and withdrew in shock. Jennifer's warm body was pressed up against his, blood escaping from her back where his brother's dagger had penetrated her! Navashine shockingly looked at his brother and saw the damage to him had just caused him to lose his right arm.
"Fool." Sinagashine's grip tightened on his left-handed dagger's hilt and a gasp of pain shot forth from Jennifer and Navashine coughed up blood on his fiancée's shirt. Sinagashine had extended his blade through Jennifer just to slay his brother! Sinagashine began to laugh maniaclly untill a dagger went threw his skull! The struggling Navashine turned to see the king with a look of pure rage on his face, his arm out infront of him from when he threw his dagger.

"It's amazing…amazing h-how we were a-always together in our-our childhood…" Navashine turned back to his fiancee whom was starring at him, tears rolled down both their faces, "…Heh, heh, he…And now we are t-together…even in death…" Navashine and Jennifer stared longingly into each others eyes. As if searching for a way to stop the other from going through this pain.
"O-…one last k-kiss then?" asked Jennifer, her voice trembling from the words of her husband to be.
"…Yes…one final…" his voice trembled also, but as their lips met both their eyes went blank and Jennifer fell limply onto the also lifeless body of her husband.


Two months passed, even after what happened the king still hated Navashine with all his heart, and instead of giving him a proper burial like he did his beloved daughter he had Navashines body minced and sent back to his parents on an open bed carriage. The king lived for two more years, but went mad with dreams and hauntings of Jennifer and Navashine. He soon committed suicide. Without a king or heir to the throne the immediate kingdom crumbled and fell at the hands of the enraged Dragnols. After the Dragnol village had received the diced up remains of Navashine they flew into a berserk rage and announced war on they city. After the conquest, Navashine's parents dug up Jennifer's remains and had her re-buried next to their son under a large maple tree.

---- THE END----