Zander's Way

Zander paced around the room. He had just gotten news that Tim Roberts was dead. How that little runt could have died was just unbelievable. So Zander cursed his girlfriend so she could never die. However, he was still not happy. He had a feeling that Tim was still alive. Tim had promised him his life. Tim was not supposed to die. Therefore, Zander had a feeling that Tim must still be out there. Zander had a feeling that Tim's brother Kevin knew the truth. Zander had tried unsuccessfully to get Kevin and he knew he could not take anyone that he loved away. Tim was dead, Kevin was unattached, and Zander's powers did not work on adults. Zander knew full well that Kevin knew this. As Zander thought all this he pulled out his crystal ball and looked in it.

"So, they went all out for my Tim's funeral," Zander mumbled. "Nick! Come here!"

Zander turned to see his follower Nick scurry into the room. Nick had also promised his life in return for magical powers. Nick, however, did not go and die on him. Zander sent Nick to go fly around the church during the funeral crying out for Tim. Nick went willingly.

Zander paced around some more and looked into his crystal ball again. This time he saw Kevin pushing a girl along side the road that was along side a field. The girl didn't look too pleased. They both still had on their outfits from the funeral. Except they were missing their hats. Zander was a little put off they didn't have their hats on. But they had everything else on. Kevin had on his full black suit, minus the top hat. The girl had on her black dress and black high heels. One of the heels was broken off. Zander put a spell on the shoes to make the heels re-grow each time they broke. Now she was tripping less often. Zander knew they were not the best things to be walking in. Kevin didn't care a bit, however, because he continued to push her along the road. Zander decided he would dissolve in. Kevin froze as Zander slowly appeared. Zander let a small smile grow across his face. Kevin shoved the girl off the road and into a ditch along side the road. The girl looked mad, hurt, and above all shocked.

"Go away!" Kevin yelled at the girl. "I don't know you."

The girl looked from Kevin to Zander, then back at Kevin. The shock and hurt left her face. A mad expression set in.

"Do you know this man?" Zander asked, looking her in the eye. She turned her eyes away.

"No," she snapped. "He just followed me."

However, from the short moment that Zander had looked in her eyes, they had betrayed her. Zander looked at Kevin. His eyes gave him away too.

"Kevin? Following? No, that cannot be. Tell me the truth, Kevin," Zander said, catching Kevin steel a glance at the girl. He had an adoring, worried look in his eyes, yet the girl continued to look at the ground with her arms folded across her chest and her mouth stayed set in a straight line.

"I told you the truth. My brother is dead, and I just pushed a stranger in a ditch," Kevin said.

If Zander had not had to power to read eyes, he more than likely would have believed Kevin. Yet, he could read eyes and the eyes showed everything. Therefore, he knew that he was going to get nowhere with either of them, Kevin was too stubborn and the girl would likely blow up and kill anyone if they tried to talk to her. Zander needed to catch the girl at a better time. He also needed a plan. He dissolved back to his rooms.

Zander dissolved into the front yard of a big house. He could see though the big window that Kevin was in there along with the girl and another guy. Whenever Kevin would talk, look, or do anything he got this look about him that totally gave him away. The girl, unfortunately, had her back to Zander. When Zander finally got Kevin's attention with a little smile and waving his finger, Kevin proceed to jump out of his chair and through the window, shattering the glass with a loud crash. Zander found this a little rash. The girl wheeled around and looked him straight in the eye. He saw something he had not seen before. Her eyes revealed that she knew he could read her eyes and she could read his. He watched her turn, jump over the couches, then out the window after Kevin. The other guy followed, but out the door. Zander found this funny and dissolved back to his rooms to think. He now knew he just had to get his hand on that girl. It took him years to learn to read eyes, yet the girl had mastered it in a matter of days. He could easily train her to be like him. A lot easier than Tim or Nick. However, she, more than likely, would not come and just give herself to him. For those reasons, he'd get her by sticking to getting Tim, for if he got Tim he could get Kevin, and he knew if he got Kevin, the girl would be his.

Zander slowly dissolved behind the girl. He looked at Kevin. His eyes showed more jealousy then fear as Zander placed his arms around the girl.

"Well, Kevin, would you like to tell me where Tim might be?" Zander asked, placing his chin on the girl's head. There was a faint smell of perfume from her hair. He looked at Kevin. Jealousy filled his eyes as he looked at Zander. That was until he looked at the girl. Then his eyes slowly changed. The small amount of fear and the jealousy was replaced by determination.

"I'll tell you where Tim is. He's six feet under in the O'Fallon Cemetery," Kevin replied.

Zander moved his head to look at the girl's face and asked, "And what about you? Do you agree with this stranger named Kevin, who just happened to push you in a ditch?"

"Yes, I agree with this stranger named Kevin, who just happened to push me in a ditch," the girl replied.

Zander looked back at Kevin. His eyes gave him away totally. Zander made a quick decision. He slowly backed away from Kevin. He gave Kevin a knowing smile. Kevin got the hint.

"Zander, no. She hasn't done anything," Kevin cried, but saw it would not get him anywhere. He looked at the girl and the knowing that she was unable to move under her own power swept through his eyes. Zander pick this time to dissolve back to his rooms. Once there, he let go of the girl and turned her around to face him. She looked washed out in the stark white room and the black clothes she had on. Yet, her brilliant green eyes stood out. Zander pulled out his crystal ball from his pocket. In it he saw something that disturbed him. He would not get his way with the girl. He'd just give her his little test to see why. He had given this test to Tim. Zander pointed at one corner of the room, then the opposite corner forming the question, "Who do you love?" in his head.

"Pick a corner," he ordered.

Without hesitation the girl pointed at the first corner. Zander really wasn't too surprised by the answer, but at how quickly she had come to an answer. Also, his eyes gave off nothing. Zander pointed to the other two corners forming the question, "Will you give your life to me or your love?" in his head. Just like the last time, she pointed to the second corner without hesitation. Zander looked deep into her eyes to make sure she did not know the questions. She did not know the questions. He now understood why he would not get his way. She did not love him and would not give her life to him. Tim had pointed to the opposite corners. Zander walked up to her to get a closer look at her. She looked away. He grabbed her chin in one hand and made her look at him. He finally realized he was way too late to change her mind. Her whole heart belonged to someone. She may not know it, but it did. Now, that he knew this, he needed a new plan. Looking at her steel-blue eyes, he did a double take. She was an eye changer. Her eyes would constantly change colors.

"Drat." Zander muttered. An eye changer could never be converted into a wizard, like him, that is. Zander dissolved into another room to think. He came back, grabbed the girl and was off.

"Master Zander, an eye changer? Wow. I've never seen one of them," Nick said in awe.

Zander rolled his eyes. He had stashed the girl in a cortex room for the time being. He was pondering whether to use her as a bribe to get information out of Kevin or just keep her. Eye changers had to be good for something. However, he really wanted information on Tim.

"Master Zander, what are we going to do about your Tim?" Nick asked.

"My Nick, I do not know yet. I need to talk to Kevin first," Zander said. "Watch over the cortex."

Nick turned and stared at the cortex door. Zander dissolved into his world. He walked the streets noting on how nice everyone looked dressed the same style. The males all had on black pants, black dress shirts, black shoes, and long black over coats. The females all had on black dresses, black shoes, and short black coats. At first glance it would be hard for a normal person to tell everyone apart. But at first glance to Zander they all looked different. Zander saw their eyes. Everyone's eyes told a different story and each pair was different. Even eye changers. Zander thought about this as he looked for Kevin. He found Kevin at an old railroad bridge on the outskirts of O'Fallon. He looked dejected, depressed, and lost. Zander looked into those dark blue eyes and saw the feeling of lost prevailed over the rest. However, a bit of hate shone in the dark blue eyes.

"Kevin, I've come to make you a deal," Zander paused to see if Kevin would react; he didn't, so Zander went on. "I'll give you the stranger that you pushed in the ditch, and only if, you give me my Tim. Tim promised me his life, and I do not like broken promises."

Kevin sat that glaring at him. Zander knew this would be the ultimate test. However, the look in Kevin's eyes remained the same.

"I told you before. Tim is dead. He is six feet under and he'll never return," Kevin replied.

From the look in Kevin's eyes it was true that Tim would never return, however Tim was really not dead. That much Zander knew from Kevin's eyes.

"No Tim, no girl."

"Why can't you just leave us alone!? She didn't do anything to you! And she's an eye changer! You can't do anything to her!" Kevin yelled, jumping up.

"That doesn't mean I can't keep her," Zander said calmly. He was surprised how Kevin reacted.

"Fine. No, Tim, no girl," Kevin said just as calmly, and vanished. Zander stood there awhile wondering how Kevin did that. For, if Kevin could transport himself like he could, Kevin was more trouble than an eye changer. An eye changer could confuse the eye reader by changing eye colors. The girl had not mastered that skill yet. However, if Kevin Roberts knew a bit of wizard magic he was a major problem because Zander no longer had the advantage over him.

Zander paced in front of the cortex door. It occurred to him that he did not know the girl's name. He decided that it was for the better because a name made the attachment personal. Therefore, Zander couldn't care less about her because she was nameless. She was very pretty and something he could get attached to, so it was better that she remain nameless. Zander didn't want to get attached to her. Her heart belonged to someone else. Even if they didn't know it. Zander had seen it. So, Zander would never put a name with that girl.

"Master Zander, what are we going to do with the eye changer?" Nick asked, interrupting Zander's thoughts. "Does she know she's an eye changer?"

"My dear Nick, I cannot answer all you questions," Zander replied. "Now leave me."

Nick scurried away. Zander turned and faced the door of the cortex. He mumbled the code and the door slid open. He ducked into the cortex room. The cortex was whatever anyone wanted it to be. Zander had chosen a seaside room. He spotted the girl watching the waves come up and roll over her feet. Just one glance told Zander she felt lost, sad, and dejected. He might be able to use it. She seemed to look more dejected.

"My dear, I have a proposal," Zander said, standing next to her. She didn't look up. Zander moved his head to look at her eyes. There was an empty, blank look in them. It was as if she wasn't even there. Zander put his hand on her shoulder and repeated himself. She finally looked up at him. Her eyes seemed to scream, "What!" so Zander told her his plan. "If you tell me where Tim might be, I'll let you go back to you love."

"I don't have a love," she snapped, (Her eyes said otherwise. Zander realized she didn't know.) She added, "Any ways, Tim is dead. And if he were alive I wouldn't know where he would be. But he's not alive. He's dead."

"My dear, Tim is not dead," Zander said gently.

The girl folded her arms across her chest. She then gave a heavy sigh. She looked straight ahead and got a blank look in her eyes. Zander saw her eyes go from steel blue to green blue. She gave another sigh. Zander placed his arm around her.

"I can give you the world, but only if you tell me where my Tim is and that he's not dead," Zander said quietly.

The girl didn't answer. She just sighed again. Zander stood there a bit longer with his arm around her, then left. He didn't know what was wrong with him. None of his plans were working. As he got near the door, he turned to look at the girl just in time to see Kevin pop up and take her hand then pop away.

"DRAT!!!!!!!!!!" Zander screamed and stormed out of the cortex room.

Zander slowly dissolved into the parking lot of Belleville East. Nick had come along with him. They were after Kevin. Really after Kevin. Zander wasn't going to be so nice next time they found Kevin. Mitch could basically so all the wizard stuff that Zander could do, so that made him an enemy to Zander. And a major one at that. And since Zander hadn't trained him, he was going to take Mitch out of school. Permanently.

"Master Zander, how are we going to find Kevin?" Nick asked. "Does the girl have a name?"

"Nick, stop asking questions," Zander said and stormed off in to the building then out back. For Zander it was pretty easy to find Kevin. He just looked in the place that most people would not look for him, the football field. And Zander was right. He was in the middle of telling the girl something when he spotted Zander. Instantly he threw his arms around the girl and they vanished. Zander dissolved back to his rooms. He pulled out his crystal ball and looked closely in it. He saw the girl and Kevin standing in front of a cortex door. The girl was yelling at him. Kevin just stood there with a little grin on his face. He then proceed to push her into the cortex. Zander put the crystal ball back into his pocket. Kevin was acting relatively strange. But the cortex must be where Tim was. Zander dissolved to the spot where the cortex was. He stood there and forced the door open. In it was massive darkness. Except for the stars scattered around. He spotted the girl and Tim yelling at each other till they both broke out into giggles.

"I knew you were still alive my dear Tim Roberts," Zander said, and they froze. Looking at Tim's eyes told Zander that he felt pure fear. The girl had so many different feelings that it was hard to pick out them all. Zander picked out fear, love, hate, distress, sadness, and lost among others. Zander slowly walked over to them. Fear grew in Tim's eyes with every step. Zander was thrilled when he struck fear in people. He realized that was why he had picked Tim over Kevin. He stuck more fear in Tim.

"Um…Master Zander…I…um…. I'm really dead," Tim stuttered.

"Oh, my Tim, you're eyes tell me otherwise. You're not dead," Zander said. "Come, my Tim."

Tim didn't move. Zander stole a glance at the girl. There was a look of determination in her eyes mixed with hate. Her eyes had turned murky green with the amount of hate they had in them.

"Don't take Tim. Take me," she offered. Zander looked in her eyes. She was honest. She was willing to go in Tim's place. However, she was useless. Tim was not.

"Tim signed his life way," Zander said, and pulled out the document and showed it to her.

The girl broke out it laughter. "Tim, why were you so worried? You didn't even put the right name down!"

Zander peered at the document. She was right. It said:

Tim Rblebts the Fifth

"So basically Tim doesn't owe you a thing. Tim Rblebts the Fifth does," the girl pointed out. "Come on, Tim. He can't do a thing to us."

They walked out of the cortex. They had beaten him at his own game. Zander dissolved back to his rooms. He'd figure out some way to get Tim. He would. In the end Zander always got his way.