I thought I hated you

I thought you ruined my life

I thought

I thought

Oh, its could go on forever

I don't want to do this anymore

This fury

Once full inside me


With my tears

And God,

I wanted to be angry

I thought I deserved to be angry

But I guess not

What you have

The doctors

and the shrinks

They say it's a disease

That you can't control it sometimes


I thought of it

And I still think of it


If you want something badly enough


You'd do it

Do u remember being tackled on the floor so no harm would be done to you?

Or anyone else?

I do

I also remember crying harder

And with such a depression that no 5th grader should have

I remember burrowing my face in Milo

Even he was scared

I would always expect to hear him coming

To see him

Nudge my door open

With his nose

And look at me

With his mournful eyes

Like your drugs

And your alcohol

Made him sad too