Summary:Do you ever regret something as soon as it leaves your mouth? Then wish that you could go back in time and put a sock in it? But by then, it's already too late for Lara.

Author: Gulistanlik (Me)

AN: This is a fluffy piece, you might find it cheesy if you're not really into fluff. I'm craving fluff at the moment, actually. So after I post I think I'll go and read something sweet! :D I'm hungry for feedback on this too!

Regretted Confessions

I cannot believe how much of an idiot I am! I should've actually checked instead of continuing on. But, how was I supposed to know it was him? How was I supposed to know what my heart truly felt! If only my brain ruled me and not my pathetic heart. Lara thought to herself as she continued to run across the cement pathway, slightly stumbling but running, ignoring all the odd stares that were directed her way.


Earlier time, another place...

The vase hit the wall at full speed and shattered at the impact, the tiny specks of glass complementing the dull, polished floor. Lara ran a hand through her hair as tears of anger rolled down her cheeks. Despite everything she had been through, everything he had done to her, her heart gave a dangerous leap every time he laid eyes on her. She didn't understand. She didn't understand why the bloody hell she had feelings for Gabriel. Why the bloody hell, after all the chaos and trouble they put each other through, after how heartless he was, she still cared for him. Why?!

"I love Gabriel White, the bastard who ruined the majority of my life!" she yelled and then whispered dangerously "I'm so pathetic, Mildred. Now- now do you understand why I am so confused? Why I hate myself?" she turned away from the entrance of the dorm to face her friend, but her mouth dropped open in horror, for there standing in front of her was not Mildred but...

"You." she pointed a menacing finger at Gabriel. He just stared blankly back at her. 'What are-" then her eyes widened in shock as she realised what he had heard. He stepped towards her but before he could make another move, she turned around and bolted through the door.


She swiftly turned a corner, and stopped, taking a few deep breaths. Lara peered around the wall, relieved to see no one there. How Lara hated and loved him which made her gag at the latter. Lara spun around to continue running only to be pinned to the wall by Gabriel. Their eyes bore into each other as the reasons of her hating him began to flow into her mind.

Luck would have it, the two had attended the same high school. Though Lara never saw him the reason being, he had been a member of the 'I'm-too-good-for-you' club, whilst she had been privileged enough to be a part of the 'Middle Class'. The only contact they ever made was when showing how much they despised each other.

Like the time when she was sprinting for PE, during relays and all of a sudden she had found her face flat on the floor in a pile of horse dung. Gabriel had laughed so hard, so had everyone else. She had nearly broken down at the time.

Then there was the time where he had accused her of being a slut and that she gave head to every guy that passed, just so she could get laid in return. To top it all off he had spat at her, as if to signify how dirty she was. But Gabriel had crossed way over the line, and Lara would not let him off with humiliating her. She had slapped him right across the face and walked off. Gabriel was shocked of course, but soon quickly recovered into an evil smirk, so no one noticed and yelled out, "No need to get all worked up just because I rejected your offer."

Everyone had cracked up at this and she couldn't help a stray tear trail down her cheek- a tear that nearly matched the one that was threatening to crawl down her cheek at the moment.

Of course, Lara hadn't been totally on the right either, the feeling of revenge and something else getting the better of her.

She had once 'accidentally' bumped into Gabriel and he had fallen into the sewerage in the school forest. But there wasn't much of an audience until she pitied him enough to pull him out, only to be pulled right in the sewer herself! Gabriel got out first and didn't take a backwards glance, leaving her there, walking back with the rest of their Biology class to the main school grounds. The conditions of the sewerage only prevented Lara from getting herself out. The only other choice she had was to yell until help arrived, which was fifteen minutes later, from the principal himself who had given her a Saturday detention for purposely skiving off classes and that her being in the swamp was just a cover-up. At least, this was supplied to him by Gabriel after she had tried to explain why she was standing in the disgusting thing in the first place.

How she hated him. How he hated her, she just knew it was about to get worse. But whatever happened could not change her stubborn feelings towards him.

Lara stopped squirming under Gabriel's firm grip, finally seeing that it was no use. He continued to stare back at her menacingly. She had no idea what he was thinking but could not stand it any longer. Her eyes were glistening with unshed tears and she wanted it to stay that way- she didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

"Let. Go. Of. Me." she breathed.

He did anything but, and continued to....examine her?

She sighed. "What do you-"

"Is it true, what you said? That...well...?" he asked, searching her face, as if he could find the answer there.

"You already know the answer to that." her voice quivering, "Why are you asking....oh. I see. You're just trying to humiliate me and make me hate myself even more. You're trying to hurt me even more, but this time mentally, as if it isn't already enough what you've done to me." the tears began rolling down her cheeks, losing the fight to keep them in. "Go ahead and mock me. I really don't care anymore." Her anger kicked in and she shouted. "GO!"

He winced at the level of her voice.

She waited for him to crack one of his triumphant smirks, one that tore you repetitively into shreds. He opened and what came however shocked her senseless.

He touched her lips with his, and when she relaxed into him he let go of her arms.

Breaking apart she noticed him smiling sweetly- at her.

"I'm sorry," Gabriel whispered, "I'm sorry for being a bastard that ruined the majority of your life."

Lara smiled, a real smile in a very long time, as he hugged her tightly to him. "And I agree." he swallowed, "because I love you too."