And be it to the skies,
In which Justin Timberlake Cries.
For when the time is right,
A river shall flow from his eyes tonight.
And be it some more rhyming,
As this poem is surely dying.
And be it for more doom, (Doom being DooM 3!)
I must go and clean my room.

So tomorrow,
When you suffer some more sorrow,
Cry at a movie I did but borrow,
The movie being The Green Mile after some bone marrow.

Jesus, I'm getting over the top with this 'rrow' thing. I gotta stop writing this crap. Makes me insane and…well…crazy would be the right word, but I already used Insane. So it wouldn't be Grammatically English Correction (Raises middle finger at Sam)

Some more rhyming is needed,
Like the warnings the Titanic never heeded.
For first,
The moon crowing for thirst.
For second,
The really huge ice berg dead a-fucking-head.
For third,
The man sleeping in the nest named from a bird.
For fourth,
The director made the miss it by turning off the stage lights and throwing some bricks at a small model of the boat, which was pretty fucking stupid in the first place. Although, it did make a good tear in the side. And Dicaprio dying was pretty funny.

(Finally that's over and done with. I'm gonna go and watch 300 again. It's just too awesome to stop watching. At least once a week so far.)