The below is an introduction to a story I will be doing. It's about a company of soldiers dispatched to investigate where the Lark, a cargo vessel carrying top secret cargo, mysteriously disappeared in a strange land. Expect lots of plot twists to come.


"Hey Captain."

"What is it, soldier?"

"Why do we have to march? I mean, what's the point?"

"Watch that lip, boy. Marching is a tradition that practices discipline and senses! One wrong step, and you're done for!"

"But what's the point strategically? Enemies can just ambush us while we're marching! They don't march either."

"That's because the enemy is undisciplined!"

"Why do we need discipline anyway? Why can't we just attack the enemy and be done with it?"

"Goddamn it, soldier! Why do you always ask me these questions?! They're so hard to answer!"

"That's what I'm trying to say, sir."

"They should promote you to general!"

"Thanks for the compliment, sir."

"And put you in charge of the Kamikaze Division!"

"Um, I don't think I like that…"

"And make your very first mission…a full-scale attack on their most heavily defended fortress!"

"You know what? I like marching. Marching is very fun. It also makes you taller."

"Good. I see you learned. I can be a teacher some day… teaching kids how to march…and how to properly load a submachine gun…or a rifle…"

"Captain? You're creeping me out."

"Or I can always get a job at the haunted house…"

"No, really. You're creeping me out really bad."

"Yep. I can get a job at the haunted house."

Silence. Except…

"What's that noise?"

To be continued…