These days are getting longer,
Emotions getting stronger

And I could just be the girl,
(that you're looking for)

Oh, I could just be that girl,
I'd tell you if I had the nerve,
But I don't think I'll ever find the words,

to actually tell you that.

This isn't like before,
(Our shadows cast across the floor)
Because this time I mean it when I say,

You're the only boy who ever gets me
Caught in the moment,

And the hilarious thing is that you don't even know it.

Cause boy if this was love, then I would already know,
These are just the type of feelings I find hard to show.

And it's sad that you'll never like me, as much as you pretend,
Even more depressing that I may not mind that in the end.

You act so modest,
it seems immodest,
Sometimes I wish I could just be honest,

(each wink, a smile, a pinky promise)

But it's not as easy as you think,
(You talk, I laugh, You smile, I blink)

Those times we talked, each second glance,
This is probably the last chance --

I'll ever get.

I don't like you all that much,
but I can never get enough.
(each awkward smile, each awkward touch)
All those times you made me blush

Each melody strung through the air,
(The truth is, I don't care - I swear.)
Three words stuck behind my lips,
You're too busy reading off your script --

You're not the only one stuck here,
(Yeah, you're not alone)
In this superficial place full of
people you've never known.

But I've just made you into something
you never really were,

Another charming boy I just happened
to prefer
at the moment.

And you'll never really know it,
will you?

Author's Note:

Bleh, I know it's kinda crappy. I just had to get that out.