May 11th 2007

It's Okay

What is it like to live without love?
What is it like to feel it slip away?
What is it like to say good-bye?
Well, I guess I'll find out today.

What is it like to face this end?
To look in the eyes of your best friend,
And say it was good, say it was great,
And feel only peace and not a drop of hate?

We were young, and we were free;
We were soaring, you and me
On the wings of a love that was true.
You were mine
And I was yours,
And it's okay to say that's not anymore
'Cause that's the way these sort of things sometimes end,
And it's okay to be just friends.

It's not you; it's not me.
It's not some tragic tale or overcooked story.
It's just the rest of our lives unfolding.
And I will try to hold on tight
To the lessons of love that I learned at your side.