a/n: I'm writing this from how I feel about the night I had before. According toone of my friends... my non-stop smiling is from love.

Whenever I'm around you
All I can do is smile
You make me feel special
And you're the best thing I know
I can still remember the day we met
Everything was average back then
I can remember the day I fell in love
I never wanted that night to end
Take me in your arms once again
Hug me close, walk with me
Smile with me, whisper to me
Yes, you did it all that night
I still hear the song that was playing
When you offered me that dance
How funny that it's a sad song
But every time I hear it,
All I can do is smile and not stop
I have no clue how you feel back
But all I can do is smile
Whenever you're on my mind.