And he watched her with hungry eyes over the table,

paying attention to everytime she would lean over

and how the light hit her in the perfect places-

was she what they call a tease?

Two days and a night out on the town later

and he'd waited too long.

Her shoes hit the stone floor with loud click -click -clicks;

her giggles echoed off dark walls and made him come alive.

Against the wall, her rouge came off on his lips

and inside she left her coat on the floor.

He said, "i'll make you mine."

but she said he'd never conquer her.


His hands wandered and it didn't matter that she said 'no'

because words are just words and

they don't mean anything

to people you don't know.

He admired the way her hair fell over her eyes when she cried

and told her she was breath-taking.

She said she didn't want it

but he never hear it through roar of adrenaline in his ears.

He kissed the corners of her lips into a smile.

She left and he scratched another line into the table with a smile.