In another time, perhaps, you could convince me –

but the habit's not only self-destructive, its addictive, and you can't make me stop.

How I clutch the necks of my bottles and where all the drinks go is

None of your business

- And I can say that I appreciate your concern

- But there's a big chance that I don't mean it.

And I'd rather be broken any day because I know at least then I can be honest

about my emptiness. Don't think that

I can't take care of myself

just because I'm pushing ninety and DWI,

because I'd never lose control the way you'd expect me to.

I laugh when you talk about wholeness, and you're so surprised when I ask what you know about that

because I know you've spent some nights lonely.

There's only difference between you and I and it's that

I see the comfort in tears, brandy, and I night out on the town

While you seek the comfort in a cold bed…

Honey, when I get home, I have something to write about.

Call me what you want, just remember you're the one

who chose to tag along. Preach what you want but ask me not to listen.

And maybe you should go because I don't want the corruption of such a puritan soul resting on my shoulders.

You couldn't handle my scene.

You say could help me,

While the streetlights flash past your window and you clutch

the edge of your seat a little tighter. You are so young and so naive

and so persistent, but I tell you no, because there's nothing I want to change, nothing you can change.

I'll always wear my little black dress and

engine red lipstick in a tribute to the way I live too fast.

Forget me, because you're better off with a nice girl who will actually care.

Besides, I've already found myself a Romeo and as it happens,

he doesn't mind the alcohol.