A/N: I wrote this the other night after work when I couldn't fall asleep since I was still pumped from my shift. I'd watched a sunset from the windows earlier, and sort of wrote about it while being up at 2am. I've always loved sunsets and the colors, so I guess when the idea and words for the poem 'came to me', I went with 'em. Rarely seen a sunrise, or I'd try to write about one, too. Anyways, I think it might still need a bit of work, but that's just me. Comments always welcome. In fact, as usual... Read, Review, Enjoy.

Shades of Twilight

Pale cream across the sky,
Yellow sphere on blue backdrop.
Light fades away to dark
As sun descends to distant horizon.

Golden oranges and yellows,
Blending with the cream.
Ball of fire turns to orange,
As sun sets into the land.

Stirring colors further from
Golden oranges to shades of pink.
Sky blushing rose and scarlet,
As banner of horizon bleeds crimson.

Darkening further as dusk sets in
Color fades to gray as night begins anew.
Horizon colored with luscious purples
And velvety blues as sun departs.

Silver moon rises to replace the sun
With cloth of midnight satin
And scattering of diamond shards,
Night claiming the sky from day.

From bright day to shadowy night,
Sunset and twilight occuring.
Sun fading to moon and stars
To be reclaimed in eternal cycle