All I see is You kissing Her

I open the drawer

and gently pick up,

my most prized possession.

It is a picture,

of you and me.

We are standing there,

all dressed up and laughing.

I close my eyes,

and try to remember

what it was like.

But all I see,

is You kissing Her.

It is a movie slowly playing in my mind.

I see my friend running in,

shouting my name.

She is laughing.

I ask what has happened,

but all she says is that I must come.

And then I suddenly sees,

what she think is so funny.

But I don't feel like laughing,

I feel more like crying.

Because what I see

is You kissing Her

I put on my smile

and pretend to be laughing.

But my mind screams out,


She doesn't know you,

she doesn't care about you.

Like I do.

She only cares about,

being seen with the right people.

She's only going to hurt you.

So why is all I see,

You kissing Her?

I wish you knew

how much I care,

and how much I miss you.

I wish you knew

that I'm laying awake tonight.

Looking at the picture of you and me,

writing this poem about you and her.

Why are you making it,

so painful and yet so easy,

for me to be in love with you?

Why are you kissing her,

and not me?