Innocent Words, Bitter Schemes

by, Cassandra

Yes, I know, but it can't be helped.
Sometimes things are better left unsaid.
Innocent words give way to bitter schemes,
life is put on hold to avenge a thirst for,
a hunger for something just out of reach.
A moment of peace, quickly stolen away,
and in the end you'll find, it never mattered anyway.
Chaos rules this rancorous waste, and we all say
"It had to/needs to/will be done."
And it fetters on and on and on, until
it can't be stopped, and it can't be changed.
Left to wreak havoc on this once peaceful place.
Hate delights in acid tears, washing away and lingering fa├žade,
and we wonder why we can't see the light of day
or feel the warmth of the suns soothing rays.
But on we push, treasuring the one thing we need to,
let go, lest we find there's no cure to save.
And we continue on this way, this road, this path,
that's leading us to the inevitable edge,
where, if we step, we'll find our fate,
and no longer have to ask
"Where did we go so wrong?"