Teenage love

I did it again:

I have someone's heart in my hand.

But do they have mine?

We have said things that can't be taken back.

I didn't stop it, though,

So I have finally become what I hate.

I am a hypocrite; a deceiver.

But because I recognize it, does that make it right?

No, no, it doesn't, but what can I do to change myself?

But, wait.

DO I love him? I think I do. But do I know what love is?

If I don't, can I tell him that? Can I break him?

I don't think I can.

But if I do love him, which I might. I think I do.

But, WHAT is love at 15?

Does it even exist through the teenage drama?

I was told all these things once before.

All these promises. All these words.

It was all broken, it all fell apart.

It will all happen again; hell, I told my thoughts to the one I trust the most.

So I suppose there is teenage love, which is fast, and never lasts in the end.

So for now, I'll embrace this teenage love, and wait for it to end.

So I have finally become what I hate. Another stupid girl who says stupid things.

How can I live with myself, now that I have become what I disdain.