Under My Sky
By Simply Shelby

i put a stethoscope on when i need to shout
i dream in the rain to see a you outside my window
& i sleep in the dryer to feel as safe as the laundry

i dance in my loose dress of happiness
in front of the camera called society
my long green scarf unwinds
as the sunshine brushes my cheek in a kiss

will you watch my sky for me
while i ride the clouds lined with silver
& join the people in their blind searches
for meaningful purpose

give me the smallest kiss in the world
before i go off to see it
& know that you will always be
a puzzle piece somewhere inside of me
& i can only hope i mean the same to you

sometimes thoughts are sad
hold up an umbrella over your soaking curls
& promise me you won't let that rain fall on you
listen to the kettle whistle
but always get up & go make the tea

when you're sad—don't think of me
shout your heart & soul out
but put a stethoscope on first
dream in the rain to see me outside your window
& sleep in the dryer to feel as safe as you should be
& know that I won't forget you

AN: To Bradley.