Don't Delude Me, Darling

Midnight comes and I find myself alone with you in the dark confines of my room.

Seduce me with your voice and rape me with your eyes alone;

I'm drowning in my state of sweet intoxication.

Won't you swim to the depths of these black waters and save me?

Touch me softly, whisper lies into my ears

And sedate me with delusions that make me crawl under my skin

And send chills up my spine.

This darling dementia you've lured me into serves only to kill me slowly,

Murdering me every minute you continue.

This temptation that you offer smells of strawberries and caramel;

How can I possibly resist?

Pick me up, then drop me lower,

Lose me faster, kill me slower.

The melted sugar on my tongue slides irresistibly down my throat,

Pretends to satisfy me, but it won't.

Kiss me gently, and then stronger,

Touch me softly, and then harder.

Your passion burns so bright against me,

Warms my heart but calls my envy;

For never can I feel so true,

Never when I'm without you.