Black Lace

Hidden beneath black lace...

"I didn't want her to turn out this way. I tried so hard. God, did I try! I'm going to hate myself for saying this but maybe... Maybe... it was better this way..."

Forgive me, all of you
I didn't mean to be your weakness
I wept so long, it was hard to notice
That it wasn't just me in the world

Maybe I've been selfish
You know I never really meant to
Don't turn your backs on me
It's unfair to see you look away
Hide away... from my face
Hiding... away...

"Poor dear. I prayed for her daily. The dreadful things she'd say, so pointless and filled with rubbish. I couldn't muster seeing her turn out this way. It was hard. It really was hard that day. To watch her life... slowly slip away."

Make fun of me
I can hear your distant laughing
Stop trying to revive me
I know you never really cared anyway

Free me from my misery
I hate knowing you don't really love me
Lie if you have to
Just tell me you feel sorry
Hide away... the truth
Hiding... away...

I'm sorry for being who I am today
I'm sorry I had to turn out this way
I'm sorry, this isn't what I hoped for
I'm sorry, but I can't take it anymore

"Here she lies. We all know she wasn't the best, but we know she wasn't the worst either. I wish we could've saved that poor innocent girl from herself. But I've come to realize, that we cannot always save the people around us. And, poor Cassandra, was one of those people who wasn't meant to be saved."

Look into my soul
Notice the tears that escape my eyes
Frown if you understand
But I can see you turn it into a smile
(Watch me drown...
Watch me drown...)

Fading into the darkness
Where I can't feel any pain
Hidden beneath black lace

Fading into the midnight
Where I drift into a sleep
Hidden beneath black lace